This week at Curate we achieved a monumental milestone: The Curate marketplace officially climbed above 100,000 Curators!

This wonderful news comes after months and months of hard work by the team, and developers. We have been updating the app at a fevered pace ever since Autumn, adding features that improve user experience wherever we can. It’s also should be highlighted that many of the popular features have come from ideas suggested by the Curate community.

We’re happy to see that our marketplace is hitting its stride right as we achieve this critical mass of users. From our perspective, the timing of hitting 100k couldn’t be better. It arrives just as we’re about to make our major announcement next week.



For those who might still be unaware, April 5th at 2pm UTC will be the day and time of this upcoming announcement. There has been a lot of work happening in the background over the past few weeks and months but much of this work hasn’t been able to shared with the community before now.

It’s been tough to keep tight lips over some of these exciting developments, so the team is very happy to finally let the community in on the news. This announcement also provides us an excellent opportunity to further describe a crystalized vision of our future. We hope that the community will be just as excited as we are for the direction we continue to aggressively pursue.


This week also saw both a great NFT giveaway from our partners at Divinity Cells (@divinitycells), and a $500 giveaway from our other new partners at Mortal Monsters (@MortalMonsters). It’s always great to see our community engage with new NFT projects that are migrating to our platform… And it’s even better when we can help our Curators get some sweet free swag along the way, courtesy of our partners.

For those interested in hearing a little more about these projects:

Divinity Cells is a project which has 8000 interactive NFT’s inspired by the Ethereum ecosystem. Each “cell” will have attributes (like the ability to mutate together and create new works of art) that range in levels of rarity. This project looks really fun, and will undoubtedly capture a lot of attention once it fully launches. You can find their website at

Mortal Monsters is a new project set to have 5000 items that will act both as NFT art and a membership access card to the “Mortal Monster Lodge”. This social club is based around combatting stigmas associated with mental health disorders (aka “the monsters in your mind”). There’s an entire mythology surrounding this project, and it’s definitely worth a read. Their website is located here and you should check it out!


This week also saw a 1/1 collaboration NFT mint from two Curate platform favourites Style Of Skull and Syncco. The auction was a huge success for the artists, with their ultra-rare NFT selling for 3x the initial listing price. We LOVE seeing artists from our community working together on new art and collaborations. The fact the drop was so successful is a fantastic added bonus.

All in all, it was a very fun, and positive week as we eagerly anticipate our upcoming announcement on April 5. Stay tuned!