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Introducing Our Play 2 Earn Game

Curate has strategically partnered with Workinman an American gaming studio to develop their own P2E game ‘XCURSION’ out this year.

CoinSmart Invests In Curate

CoinSmart is a leading Canadian-headquartered crypto asset trading platform dedicated to providing customers with an intuitive way for buying and selling digital assets. CoinSmart is one of the few crypto-asset trading platforms in Canada to be registered as a securities dealer and marketplace with the Ontario Securities Commission. CoinSmart is also one of the first Canadian headquartered trading platforms to have an international presence. CoinSmart further builds on its mission to make cryptocurrency accessible by providing educational resources tailored to every level of cryptocurrency knowledge.

Connect with CoinSmart: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Curate To Offer NFT Staking

Curate’s NFT list & Stake will allow users to earn on their listed NFTs. Blue chip NFTs within the top 50 on Rarity tools will be eligible to earn an APY in XCUR for listing the NFT on the Curate marketplace up to 10% higher than the floor price. Users will now be able to earn on their listed NFTs whilst waiting for them to sell.

New Staking Round

Our new in-app staking goes live on April 6th with very attractive rewards up to 20% APY. If you are fortunate to own a Curate stake boosting NFT, you can unlock up to 60% APY for staking your XCUR!

Our lucrative staking program is now ongoing and not limited to 1 round only.

XCUR will be locked up for 30 days at a time and you can re-stake straight after with the option of auto-renew and compound feature coming in the next app update.

Tokenomics For A BIGGER Future

Curate has evolved from a project with a single product offering, to a company creating an entire ecosystem.

We began with the world’s first NFT marketplace mobile app and a physical goods marketplace, but we’re not stopping there. The time has come for us to adjust our tokenomics model, to empower us to continue to grow into the future.

XCUR Deposit Bonus

10% In-App Bonus

To reward our most loyal community, Curate has introduced a one-off 10% in-app deposit bonus paid in XCUR.

Simply load up your wallet with XCUR by April 26th and Curate will deposit 10% of your current wallet balance as a reward. Your bonus deposit will be locked for 30 days and unlocked on May 26th.

i.e. 1000 XCUR balance = 100 XCUR bonus.

New ‘Curate Earn’ App Coming Soon

Earn incentives through our deposit and earn app launching this year. Curate will reward users over and above the base APY a reward in XCUR. Users can deposit USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH & more assets to receive a reward in – kind of up to 7% plus a bonus in XCUR tokens

For the first time ever users will be able to bridge NFTs and Tokens with Cashbacks, Users of the Curate bridge will receive the gas fees they spend in XCUR up to 100% depending on what your level is on the Utility Tiers

Enhanced Desktop Experience

As a mobile-first platform we have focused the majority of the time and attention on getting the app right first, however, we know a number of our community prefer a desktop experience with full MetaMask integration…well we have good news!

The full slick and smooth Curate experience will be relaunched for desktop VERY soon.

Physical Goods Marketplace Revamp

Our fully reworked General Marketplace is coming to Curate later this year! From the ground up, the team has been developing our platform to incorporate cutting-edge innovations for marketplaces and the crypto industry as a whole.

Making crypto simple is our aim so we have utilised true web3 functionality and will make it possible to buy physical goods by connecting your web3 wallet (Metamask etc.), pay using your in-app Curate wallet or if you prefer, your standard credit/debit card. Utilising our NFT marketplace and giving our community our NFT2Merch feature allowing users to print their NFTs onto merchandise straight from our app. Along with featuring our new line of Curate clothing, we’re proud to be the only marketplace selling genuine merchandise from some of the biggest projects in crypto.

Rewarding Our Community In Multiple Ways