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Ownership of the smart contract address has been renounced.
This means that the creator of the contract (Curate) no longer owns it, meaning we can’t modify it. This has been confirmed by the Chainsulting Audit.
To confirm no more tokens can ever be minted.

Community Rewards

Community Rewards are an integral part of Curate’s roadmap and with our improved tokenomics model, we are able to offer new and exciting developments such as XCURSION, NFT Staking and many more. Our new community offerings include but not limited to:

  • XCUR fixed staking rewards: XCUR will be placed in a wallet to be distributed as staking rewards to XCUR stakers, funded each month.
  • Play 2 Earn: Within our Curate game ‘XCURSION’ we will provide incentives and rewards in the form of XCUR to our users via exploration quests.
  • Curate Earn incentives: Through our deposit and earn DeFi app launching this year. Curate will reward users over and above the base APY a reward in XCUR.
  • Bridge NFTs and Tokens with Cashbacks: Users of the Curate bridge will receive the gas fees they spend in XCUR up to 100%.
  • XCUR to reward users who provide liquidity: As we expand, governance can vote to provide liquidity on future major DEXs that XCUR decides to list on.
  • Cashbacks in the form of XCUR: Up to 100% of the minting cost of NFTs on the Curate app and future decentralised minting portal.
  • Trading rewards: Provided in the form of Cashbacks to users in XCUR.
  • XCUR Rebates: To be added to the Staking pool as rewards for those staking XCUR in-app.
  • NFT List & Stake: Will allow users to earn on their listed NFTs, Blue chip NFTs within the top 100 on Rarity tools will be eligible to earn an APY in XCUR for listing the NFT on the Curate marketplace up to 10% higher than the floor price.

Increasing liquidity in decentralised exchanges, such as PancakeSwap and UNISWAP. XCUR holders will be able to vote upon such decisions within the Curate app.

Community Governance Treasury

To empower our community, we have allocated 16.7% of all tokens to our new governance structure; this will provide voting rights on key decisions for users who hold 500 XCUR or more in-app. Holders with 25,000 or more, will have the opportunity to submit proposals that Curate will review and put forward for a community governance vote.

Holders can vote on decisions and allocate funds to:

  • Higher staking yields
  • Boost to R&D & Marketing campaigns
  • New exchanges
  • New exchanges & listings
  • Future app developments and integrations
  • Increased liquidity on Decentralised Exchange’s (DEX)
  • Burn events

Please note: The Curate team, advisors or strategic partners will not be allowed to vote on these decisions within our governance structure.

Curate Group Vault

Operations are at the heart of any company expansion and Curate has a vision to be a public listed company. To support this vision, we have allocated 6.9% of tokens to oversee the ongoing development of Curate in areas such as:

  • App development
  • Professional fees
  • Server costs
  • Company expenses
  • Networking and events
  • Payroll
  • Employment growth

Team Reserve

Incentives are important in every company and Curate wants to ensure we attract the best talent the industry has to offer. We have allocated a certain percentage for existing and new team members who are, and will be part of the Curate family. The tokens are placed on a fixed 3 year vesting schedule and released each year from when the team member began their employment.