An Easier Way To Launch And Mint Your NFTs

Curate is the easiest way to launch and mint NFTs. We offer little to no fees. We also have a wide variety of features that make it easy for you to get started.

Everything you need to launch your NFT with Curate

With Curate, you’ll be able to create unique digital assets that represent your brand, company, or product. You’ll also be able to easily trade them with others on our platform – so you can build an ecosystem of products and services around your NFTs.


Leverage Curate’s strong presence on Twitter, Telegram, and over 100k platform users.


Work with Curate’s NFT experts that can help you through your project’s development.


Access our partner’s networks for partnerships with different blockchain environments.

The Benefits Of Curate Launchpad


Curate Offers Gasless Minting* And Trading

Gasless trading platform for the secondary market, allowing your community to achieve the trading volume the project deservers, and the team to collect a higher amount of royalties.

Cuarte’s Flexible API Allows You To Scale

API Key integration allows you to build all the utilities while giving your users a gas-free environment to be in. This way you can set up your project to be a long-term success, by betting on user experience first.

Grow Your Userbase Leveraging Curate’s Platform

Curate Launchpad is a platform that helps digital creators launch and boosts the sales of unique, innovative, or sustainable products on Curate by offering them premium benefits.

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