Verified Artist Application Form

This is the official Curate application form for NFT artists who wish to become verified and receive the green tick on their profile.

Once submitted, your application form will be reviewed alongside your NFTs, ID, criteria, and Proof of Work. We will let you know the decision via email or through your linked socials.

Please note: If you have had previous violations on Curate, this may impact your application. i.e. selling copyright artwork.

Please ensure you send all applicable options below to See this page on how to send POW

  1. - Show photos or a video of your work through a recording or screenshots
  2. - If you are submitting digital art, show the use of layers within the software you are utilising i.e. photoshop
  3. - If you are using a professional camera, the original file of the photograph i.e. .raw
  4. - If you are using a smartphone camera, the photo details are available on any smartphone.