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This Week at Curate – May 28

This week saw crypto bear market indicators continue. But despite this, we at Curate keep our nose to the grindstone.   PHANTASMA PARTNERSHIP We are excited to announce our partnership with gaming project Phantasma! This partnership has been in the works for a number of months and we’re thrilled it’s finally bearing fruit. Phantasma is a project that I, personally, have had on my radar for over a year. They grabbed my attention as they helped integrate the Steam gaming platform into the blockchain with their Pavillion Hub. But our partnership with Phantasma grew completely independent from me. Collectively, our team realized that we needed creative solutions surrounding cross-chain gaming NFTs for our upcoming P2E game, Xcursion.  Phantasma SMART NFTs will be traded, sold, converted across multiple blockchains and still be able to be USED in-game. This is a vision that [...]

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This Week at Curate – May 21

  Popular consensus is that we’re myred in a bit of a bear market at the moment. But don’t tell us that! Here at Curate, it’s full steam ahead - build, build, build! VERASITY PARTNERSHIP = A FIRST IN THE NFT SPACE In one of our most popular announcements ever, we are now partners with Verasity $VRA. While it’s wonderful to partner with quality projects, this partnership brings something very special to our platform. For those who don't know, the underlying technology from $VRA is what’s known as a “Proof of View” (POV) protocol. The TLDR of POV is this: Images (aka JPEG NFTs) can automatically be verified for authenticity and originality through Verasity’s software. In practical terms, it means that “right-click-savers” won't be able to ‘copymint’ NFTs. Or, in other words, they can't copy NFTs, and passs them off as [...]

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This Week at Curate – May 14

This week saw turbulent markets and unfortunately, an historic crash from Luna. In other words, it was "a little rocky" for many people in the crypto space. But here at Curate, it was full steam ahead. As always, we continue to develop our products to the highest quality possible. And our biggest news this week on this front comes from the SKALE ecosystem. SKALE Network Calypso NFT Hub We are one of the privileged NFT Markets to be working with SKALE on the upcoming Calypso Hub. This community-run hub will pool NFT liquidity for the purpose of making integrations easier for NFT Marketplaces. This will allow the Curate marketplace to interact with other NFT Marketplaces and form a connection of sorts between different platforms. This will help our artists reach new buyers, and introduce Curate to new artists and collectors as [...]

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This Week at Curate – May 8

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there! Now, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates throughout the world, but it’s held today in Canada and the U.S.A. So, don't worry if you're from one of the countries that celebrate it on a different day... we wish you a very happy Mother's Day no matter when you celebrate it! Yugalabs, Otherside & $APE Integration  We’re proud to announce that we are currently working with Yugalabs to integrate $APE as a payment method on our app. We are always looking to add great tokens and coins which are forward-thinking in the NFT space. With the popularity of the BAYC (among other projects from Yugalabs) it's a no-brainer for us to add $APE as a payment option. This token integration is great news and comes in tandem with an announcement that Otherside [...]

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This Week at Curate – April 30

It's official: 2 Million $XCUR Staked This week, a full 2 million $XCUR become staked in our app. Just a few short weeks ago, we thought hitting 1 million staked $XCUR was a momentous occasion… And yet here we are, doubling that milestone. While some members of our community are still a bit unhappy with the tokenomics adjustment, we point to this huge amount of staked $XCUR as an illustration of just how wholeheartedly many of our investors and large holders continue to support our project. Updated Roadmap Live Continuing with the theme of milestones and signs along the road - this week saw us update our roadmap. As many of you know, roadmaps are important documents that outline the direction and plans of crypto/nft projects. These plans help keep the team focused on the steps toward the end goals, and [...]

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This Week at Curate – April 23

Compared to some of the jam-packed weeks we’ve recently had at Curate, last week was about measured steps forward. AMA w/ Huobi The biggest news of the week came with our CEO and founder, James Hakim, doing a “fireside chat” with Huobi Global. Over 2200 people listened in as James did a fantastic job recounting his own personal history with web2, and early-stage crypto.  He also outlined his vision for Curate, future NFT trends, and the emerging web3 space in general. On a personal note, James even found a moment to mention me by name during the AMA. That definitely made my day. The Huobi Global hosts helped create a warm, community-centric conversation. We’re very grateful to them for hosting such a great Twitter Spaces that was enjoyed by so many people listening in. If you haven't had a chance to [...]

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This Week at Curate: April 9 – Big Announcements, Big Reactions

This was certainly one of the more tempestuous weeks we’ve had here at Curate. On April 5th, we finally unveiled our long-awaited news. To say that the news was met with mixed reviews would be a bit of an understatement. But despite some initial pushback, the majority of our community is as excited as we are about the future of Curate. The community’s belief in our project is demonstrated best by the almost 1 million XCUR that has been staked this week. The most important news for us to highlight is that CoinSmart is making a large equity investment into Curate. This announcement was followed closely by the news that we have an upcoming p2e game. This game (Xcursion) is currently in development with an established gaming company, Workinman. Also mentioned in our announcements, is the continued development of our GenM [...]

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This Week At Curate: April 2

HUGE MILESTONE! This week at Curate we achieved a monumental milestone: The Curate marketplace officially climbed above 100,000 Curators! This wonderful news comes after months and months of hard work by the team, and developers. We have been updating the app at a fevered pace ever since Autumn, adding features that improve user experience wherever we can. It's also should be highlighted that many of the popular features have come from ideas suggested by the Curate community. We're happy to see that our marketplace is hitting its stride right as we achieve this critical mass of users. From our perspective, the timing of hitting 100k couldn’t be better. It arrives just as we’re about to make our major announcement next week.   OUR UPCOMING ANNOUNCEMENT For those who might still be unaware, April 5th at 2pm UTC will be the day [...]

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Week in Review: March 26

Another solid week at Curate is in the books! Our President, Moe Carrim, and Vice President, Tomás Domingos, set off for Dubai. They attended the massive AIBC Summit from the 20th-23rd. Tomás & Moe in Dubai The AIBC Summit is a blockchain and AI expo that meets at various locations around the world a few times each year. We were lucky enough to have Tomás take the stage as one of the featured speakers! From all accounts, he absolutely crushed it. Aside from presenting, he and Moe focused on networking. We're looking forward to seeing what springs from those productive discussions. This week also saw v6.1 go live on the Android store (currently pending in the iOS store). We're VERY excited about this update, as it has some awesome new features. The most notable of which is a new [...]

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Week in Review: March 20

This past week was a great one at Curate.First, our app v6.0.1 went live on the iOS app store. This happened almost exactly one week to the day after our v6 was launched on android. The v6 update is sizable, as it enables a new grid view option for the wallet, displays different chain NFTs and also displays daily staking rewards. This update also enables direct payments for collectors who wish to pay using ETH or USDC instead of XCUR. Now that we have our mobile apps updated and humming along, our developers have turned their full attention to finalising our new desktop interface. This will ensure that no matter what device our collectors and creators prefer, they’ll have a sleek, intuitive interface to enjoy.Later in the week Moe Carrim, Joe Verlaque, and Steve Moore (our President, Director of Operations, and [...]

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