How to Spot Fake NFTs

This article will help guide you on how to spot fake NFTs within the ever-changing NFT space. We analyze Real vs Fake, Artist Identity, Metadata, Websites, and Social Media information. These tips will help you distinguish between an authentic collection and an NFT scam. Introduction Do you remember the first time you purchased an NFT? I’m sure several thoughts were floating through your mind. If you are thinking that the NFT collection moons, I’ll never have to work again. Let's say I’m wrong and you love the euphoria of owning a piece of digital art and decided to be an NFT collector. Whatever your story, you've fallen into the weird and wonderful world of NFTs. Get Some Knowledge! An NFT is a non-fungible token and for context, it can be almost anything that is digital and unique. An NFT exists on [...]

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This Week At Curate: April 2

HUGE MILESTONE! This week at Curate we achieved a monumental milestone: The Curate marketplace officially climbed above 100,000 Curators! This wonderful news comes after months and months of hard work by the team, and developers. We have been updating the app at a fevered pace ever since Autumn, adding features that improve user experience wherever we can. It's also should be highlighted that many of the popular features have come from ideas suggested by the Curate community. We're happy to see that our marketplace is hitting its stride right as we achieve this critical mass of users. From our perspective, the timing of hitting 100k couldn’t be better. It arrives just as we’re about to make our major announcement next week.   OUR UPCOMING ANNOUNCEMENT For those who might still be unaware, April 5th at 2pm UTC will be the day [...]

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What You Need to Know About Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

What You Need to Know About NFTs  The blockchain marketplace isn’t limited to investments in cryptocurrency, utility tokens, and more. Digital assets are abundant nowadays evolving alongside the development of blockchain technology. Non-Fungible Tokens–or NFTs–might be one of the more interesting digital assets, given its variability. What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that contain identifying information recorded in smart contracts. Each token is unique and cannot be exchanged for another token. Because of this, they differ from fungible cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin, which can be equally exchanged for one another. Additionally, they are not divisible and when purchased, giving sole ownership to their owner. What can be an NFT? NFTs can be anything digital (such as drawings, photographs, music, and animations), but a lot of current excitement surrounds using the tech to sell digital art. Well-known NFTs include [...]

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