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Q4 2022 – Coming Next

Here's quick look at what's likely coming next at Curate for Q4 2022: XCURSION Game Launch ( XCURSION NFT Launch on Curate NFT Marketplace Buy NFTs on Curate with any integrated token Alogrand NFT Import/Export Feature and Mint ALGO NFT Integration Moonbeam GLMR Token Integration Verasity PoV technology beta testing on Curate Marketplace NFT to Merch Feature integrated into Curate Marketplace (merchandise your NFTs) A new listing for XCUR Plus so much more, stay tuned...

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Q3 2022 REVIEW

Here's quick look back at what we achieved during Q3 2022: Desktop NFT Marketplace Launch Metamask Direct Deposits Divine Anarchy Spirit Animals NFT Drop Partnerships with ENS, Reef, PolarsyDAC, Zelaa NFT, Gangsters Paradise NFT Metaverse, Moon Nation, deal and more Travala XCUR holiday offers! New XCUR Listing on CoinDCX, India's fastest growing crypto exchange XCUR added on Coinbase Wallet, Trustwallet DEX and supported by Ledger, Trezor and more 2 Competitions - 1 ETH NFT, $1000 of XCUR (winner announced soon) Q4 will be even bigger so look out for more exciting news!

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Curate Is Giving Away $1000 To 3 Random Winners!

Curate is giving three random people a chance to win a share of $1000 on our web platform. To win all you have to do is head over to and make a purchase between 16th August 2022 and 15th September 2022, for a chance to win. The $1000 prize will be shared among three random winners as follows 1st Prize - $500 2nd Prize - $350 3rd Prize - $150 How To Win A Share Of The $1000 Head over to our web app and make a purchase of any value. Please check your email for a purchase notification from Curate. Copy your transaction ID, similar to the one in the image below, and paste it into the giveaway form. If you haven't received the email after a few minutes, please check your spam folder. You can also take some social [...]

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Token Release For Remainder of 2022

Last month, we informed our community that our initiative to increase XCUR price and deepen liquidity would be tied to the onboarding of our world-class Market Maker. We are pleased to announce this is in its final stages and 5 Million XCUR tokens will be released from the Core & Strategic Partners reserve as per our previous vesting schedule. Despite this being a hugely positive move, we recognise that each time a new supply is released, fresh FUD also surfaces; in an attempt to avoid this happening again this year, we have decided to release all remaining tokens required with an early release for Q4 based on today's XCUR price. From this perspective, Curate will have the tier 1 market maker active and all funds necessary for ongoing operations, the release and marketing of our play-to-earn game ‘XCURSION’, to continue the [...]

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The Curate APP is One Year Old And We Are Running A Giveaway To Celebrate

We can’t believe it's been one year already! Curate started with a simple goal - to make crypto simple for all. Every development has been towards that goal. We started with the world’s first and only mobile app NFT marketplace. We’ve also saved over $20M in fees with our gasless minting. As of today, our app continues to grow and is the powerhouse that drives Curate’s ecosystem. Our app offers; Staking - A slick user-friendly in-app staking experience allows you to earn up to 60% APY on your staked $XCUR. NFT Marketplace - Gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace on mobile devices first of its kind to offer a fully immersive NFT experience from minting NFTs, buying/selling, and importing/exporting NFTs in and out. Minting - Up to zero commission fee and zero gas fees to mint X-Chain NFTs and soon SOL, ALGO, METIX, [...]

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This Week at Curate – May 28

This week saw crypto bear market indicators continue. But despite this, we at Curate keep our nose to the grindstone.   PHANTASMA PARTNERSHIP We are excited to announce our partnership with gaming project Phantasma! This partnership has been in the works for a number of months and we’re thrilled it’s finally bearing fruit. Phantasma is a project that I, personally, have had on my radar for over a year. They grabbed my attention as they helped integrate the Steam gaming platform into the blockchain with their Pavillion Hub. But our partnership with Phantasma grew completely independent from me. Collectively, our team realized that we needed creative solutions surrounding cross-chain gaming NFTs for our upcoming P2E game, Xcursion.  Phantasma SMART NFTs will be traded, sold, converted across multiple blockchains and still be able to be USED in-game. This is a vision that [...]

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This Week at Curate – May 21

  Popular consensus is that we’re myred in a bit of a bear market at the moment. But don’t tell us that! Here at Curate, it’s full steam ahead - build, build, build! VERASITY PARTNERSHIP = A FIRST IN THE NFT SPACE In one of our most popular announcements ever, we are now partners with Verasity $VRA. While it’s wonderful to partner with quality projects, this partnership brings something very special to our platform. For those who don't know, the underlying technology from $VRA is what’s known as a “Proof of View” (POV) protocol. The TLDR of POV is this: Images (aka JPEG NFTs) can automatically be verified for authenticity and originality through Verasity’s software. In practical terms, it means that “right-click-savers” won't be able to ‘copymint’ NFTs. Or, in other words, they can't copy NFTs, and passs them off as [...]

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This Week at Curate – May 14

This week saw turbulent markets and unfortunately, an historic crash from Luna. In other words, it was "a little rocky" for many people in the crypto space. But here at Curate, it was full steam ahead. As always, we continue to develop our products to the highest quality possible. And our biggest news this week on this front comes from the SKALE ecosystem. SKALE Network Calypso NFT Hub We are one of the privileged NFT Markets to be working with SKALE on the upcoming Calypso Hub. This community-run hub will pool NFT liquidity for the purpose of making integrations easier for NFT Marketplaces. This will allow the Curate marketplace to interact with other NFT Marketplaces and form a connection of sorts between different platforms. This will help our artists reach new buyers, and introduce Curate to new artists and collectors as [...]

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This Week at Curate – May 8

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there! Now, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates throughout the world, but it’s held today in Canada and the U.S.A. So, don't worry if you're from one of the countries that celebrate it on a different day... we wish you a very happy Mother's Day no matter when you celebrate it! Yugalabs, Otherside & $APE Integration  We’re proud to announce that we are currently working with Yugalabs to integrate $APE as a payment method on our app. We are always looking to add great tokens and coins which are forward-thinking in the NFT space. With the popularity of the BAYC (among other projects from Yugalabs) it's a no-brainer for us to add $APE as a payment option. This token integration is great news and comes in tandem with an announcement that Otherside [...]

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This Week at Curate – April 30

It's official: 2 Million $XCUR Staked This week, a full 2 million $XCUR become staked in our app. Just a few short weeks ago, we thought hitting 1 million staked $XCUR was a momentous occasion… And yet here we are, doubling that milestone. While some members of our community are still a bit unhappy with the tokenomics adjustment, we point to this huge amount of staked $XCUR as an illustration of just how wholeheartedly many of our investors and large holders continue to support our project. Updated Roadmap Live Continuing with the theme of milestones and signs along the road - this week saw us update our roadmap. As many of you know, roadmaps are important documents that outline the direction and plans of crypto/nft projects. These plans help keep the team focused on the steps toward the end goals, and [...]

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