This week saw crypto bear market indicators continue. But despite this, we at Curate keep our nose to the grindstone.



We are excited to announce our partnership with gaming project Phantasma! This partnership has been in the works for a number of months and we’re thrilled it’s finally bearing fruit.

Phantasma is a project that I, personally, have had on my radar for over a year. They grabbed my attention as they helped integrate the Steam gaming platform into the blockchain with their Pavillion Hub. But our partnership with Phantasma grew completely independent from me.

Collectively, our team realized that we needed creative solutions surrounding cross-chain gaming NFTs for our upcoming P2E game, Xcursion. 

Phantasma SMART NFTs will be traded, sold, converted across multiple blockchains and still be able to be USED in-game. This is a vision that emphatically pushes NFT gaming technology forward. In fact, this particular utility and cross-chain functionality with smart NFTs truly represents a massive step forward in the gaming sphere. For further in-depth reading, please check out this excelent and deep article from Phantasma.


10% Migration Bonus Day

We also paid out the 10% bonuses for $XCUR holders this week. These bonuses were automatially made to XCUR holders on a number of exchanges. The amount deposited was based off of screenshots automatically taken in the last week of April. 

As many people know, we recently adjusted our tokenomics. While it was a necessary move, we still wanted to do our part to give what we are able back to our community. This give-back took the form of a 10% bonus allocation of $XCUR for holders. On our end, it feels good to see everyone get their bonuses deposited in their wallets.


Hasbulla NFTs on Curate!

In one of the more surprising partnerships we’ve been able to secure, MMA phenom and walking meme, Hasbulla is coming to Curate. You may have seen one (or many) of the viral videos from Hasbulla make their rounds on social media. Commonly referred to as the “Mini Khabib” we appreciate Hasbulla’s humour, and ability to command attention. 

The day our team found out that he’ll be listing NFTs on Curate was filled with a tremendous amount of excitement and good-natured laughs. We feel that the NFT and crypto space sees its fair share of seriousness and cynicism. So it’s wonderful that we have a creator coming aboard who is all about sharing happiness and laughs the world over.


Marketing Kick

“Wen marketing” is a phrase we hear almost daily on our Telegram channels. Truth be told, we ARE doing marketing all the time through Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, targeted ads and more. But occasionally, our community wants to see larger coordinated initiatives. This past week WAS just one of those weeks.

We had content drop with 3 major creators on Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. The creators are Gonzalo Costa (TikTok), Dallas Hart (IG+TIkTok), and Jason Pizzino (Youtube). Collectively, they have 2.4million subscribers to whom they pitched our project.

In addition to that, our targeted ads reached 3.4M people during this time as well. These type of numbers represent a significant people who may be hearing about Curate for the first time – or reminded again to keep us front of mind. Also, I’d like to give a big shout out to our CMO Steve, as he’s been the coordinator of these campaigns. And I’d like to mention our new hire Decentralised David for bringing some fresh ideas and influencer connections.



Lastly, our President Moe, and CEO/founder James spent time in the picturesque city-state Monaco. They took part in a networking event that brought together leaders, and creators in both the metaverse, and entertainment industries. This exclusive event saw Moe and James connect with a number of major players, including (but not limited to) Mitch Lowe, the co-founder of Netflix, and Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne.

Understandably, many of the partnerships, and partnerships in-progress forged during this week aren’t able to be disclosed yet. But needless to say, there’s going to be even more great news to share in the not-so-distant future.


And with that, we call it a wrap on another great week, here at Curate.