This week saw turbulent markets and unfortunately, an historic crash from Luna. In other words, it was “a little rocky” for many people in the crypto space. But here at Curate, it was full steam ahead. As always, we continue to develop our products to the highest quality possible. And our biggest news this week on this front comes from the SKALE ecosystem.

SKALE Network Calypso NFT Hub

We are one of the privileged NFT Markets to be working with SKALE on the upcoming Calypso Hub. This community-run hub will pool NFT liquidity for the purpose of making integrations easier for NFT Marketplaces.

This will allow the Curate marketplace to interact with other NFT Marketplaces and form a connection of sorts between different platforms. This will help our artists reach new buyers, and introduce Curate to new artists and collectors as well. 

I will cover the Calypso Hub in more detail later this week. So, keep your Curate Twitter notifications “on” if you’d like to hear more about this new project and how it will impact us. In the meantime, you can find an article from SKALE’s co-founder and CEO, here.

Enhanced desktop minting

Our work on developing the Curate desktop experience continues with the pedal to the floor. In 2021 it was of utmost importance to the team to get our mobile app up and running at an excellent standard. Now that we have accomplished that task, we have turned our attention more directly to the desktop app.

We are completing a major update to the desktop experience over the course of this year. What’s great is that we can take the lessons we’ve learned through developing our mobile app and apply best practices to our desktop app. To that end, this week we teased our quick 5-second minting process on Twitter. 

Understandably, as we onboard MetaMask, and attract new users there will be many users who are more familiar with a desktop NFT experience. We hope to not only cater to them, but completely impress them with our UX/UI.

Simplifying the minting process is but one example of us working to that end. We can’t wait to unveil all the other many upgrades as this year moves on.   

AMA’s & The Curate Show

Twitter Spaces & Chill

Founder and CEO James Hakim addressed the Curate community again this week. Answering a lengthy list of questions from a large audience on Twitter Spaces. One of the points of feedback we have been hearing from our community of late is their nostalgia for James’ talks.

Curate’s community was built from the ground-up, and James’ addresses to the Curators have always been a pillar of that organic growth.

These AMA’s will continue on regularly this year, as our team has a renewed commitment to these important aspects of Curate’s culture and tradition. If you happened to miss the AMA, you can find it here.

The Curate Show w/ Steve, David and Regan

Rolling with the culture and tradition of Curate – but with a twist – This week saw the Curate Show go live with Steve, David and Regan. This trio from the marketing team makes up ¾ of the team. Unfortunately, Sam was not able to be on the Curate Show. But he was certainly there in spirit.

With the past week being Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, the trio first spoke about mental health in the crypto space. In many ways, the timing of this week was a natural fit with the recent state of the markets. 

After speaking about Mental Health, ‘The Three Marketeers’ turned to answer questions about marketing from a macro perspective. It was a quick chat, at just over 40 minutes.

Nevertheless, it was great to get out in front of the community. In case you missed it, you can check it out here.

All in all, it was a great week at Curate. We are looking to keep pushing the optimism forward into the next one.