Any week that features an $XCUR listing on a new exchange is a great one in our books… The fact that last week’s listing was on a major exchange, Huobi Global is definitely the cherry on top. 

Our team is absolutely delighted that the Huobi listing came within 8 days of last week’s announcements. As we spoke with our Curate community last week, we cited that raising our MAX circulating supply was done in part to acquire new exchange listings. Our community has been very vocal about wanting new, major listings and we’re thrilled to deliver. Huobi is a major exchange, and it feels very satisfying to get this listing under our belt.

Adding to this great news, Curate now has almost two million $XCUR staked. That’s almost 20%(!) of our current supply in circulation. Not only does this allow our Curators to gain some sweet staking rewards (currently we’re running a 10% bonus for staked XCUR ON TOP of our APY) but it directly demonstrates the trust our community has in our team.

Two million $XCUR staked is a massive milestone (just last week we were knocking at the door of one million staked). We look forward to seeing that number grow in staking rounds over the next months and years ahead.


This week also boasts the landing of the 3D metaverse project Metaheroes Club (@metaheroesclub) on the Curate platform. Metaheroes Club is a fantastic project that we’re lucky to partner with. Not only is the 3d art fantastic, but the project is expanding into the metaverse with some pretty novel utility. By buying a Metahero, holders will be airdropped tokens as time goes on. These tokens will be used for building their very own web3 lair with tradeable, and customizable NFTs that collectors can use to decorate with.

Metahero holders will also gain access to exclusive private boat parties in Bali and be placed on a priority whitelist for the next minting of heroes (which will be an all-female Metahero mint).  Metaheroesclub has its roots in South Asia. So, the project is committed to giving back to the community in Indonesia by way of donating money to AI programming courses for underprivileged Indonesian youth.

This project ticks all the boxes collectors are after cool art, wide-ranging utility, and it gives back to a worthwhile cause. To say that we’re thrilled to have Metaheroes Club find a home on Curate would be a massive understatement.


This week also saw another fantastic NFT project coordinate a priority whitelist giveaway, in anticipation of their launch on Curate. Kaiju Legends (@kaijulegendsnft) has partnered with Curate and is poised to be an extremely popular project on our platform. At the time of writing, Kaiju Legends boasts a VERY healthy Twitter community of almost 15,000 followers. Kaiju Legends launches in May and features 7777 Kaiju who will battle in the Legends arena. This project has a fun P2E component to it, as well as great exclusives offered to NFT holders.

The catchy artwork is illustrated by Dutch toy designer Jordy Te Braak. Jordy has worked with Nickelodeon, Disney, Samsung, and Coca-Cola in the past. It’s this work that really informs the accessible, relatable, and fun design of the Kaiju. Each Kaiju will be programmed with over 350 possible traits, with many different levels of rarity.

We love being able to partner with such a well-thought-out and intelligently designed project with p2e capabilities. The month of May can’t come soon enough, in our books!


Our week rounded out with our Executive team keeping their foot on the gas in a few different capacities. 

Founder/CEO James Hakim and CMO Steve Moore took to Twitter and YouTube for another instalment of The Curate Show (episode 18). This live-streamed show can be found on Curate’s YouTube page, and also on our Twitter feed. With the huge news during the past two weeks, we felt it was an opportune time to keep our fearless leaders out in front of the public eye. Between the news of last week and the Huobi listing this week, there was plenty to talk about. Plus, it’s always great to hear the banter of these two rocks of the Curate leadership group.

Not to be outdone, our President, Moe Carrim, and Vice President Tomás Domingos travelled to Paris for the “Paris NFT Day 2022” event. Both Moe and Tomás have been making the rounds to different NFT/web3 events over the past year. They always do an excellent job of networking at these outings. We’ve heard whisperings of some pretty fantastic partnerships they were able to make in Paris, and we can’t wait to hear all about them.

And so, that caps off another great week here at Curate. Thanks for stopping by!