The XCUR Token Migration


Users migrating through the Curate App are eligible for a 10% Migration Bonus (Full details below)
Prefer not to use the app? Then you’ll need to use our migration wormhole at



Announce migration – 5th April

New Staking round – 5th April  – Up to 60% APY 

Deposits open for 10% in App migration bonus – Deposits from app launch until  26th April 0:00 UTC +2

Snapshot Taken for 10% In-App Bonus – 26th April 2022 00:00 UTC+1

Migration Portal Open – 7th April 2022 00:00 UTC+1 (website has no bonus, only app does)

*Users have to hold their funds in the app on the 26th April 2022 at 00:00 UTC +1 to receive a bonus. Bonus locked for 1 month from the 26th of April. 

Existing deposits in the app will be applicable for the bonus too. No need to withdraw and redeposit. Deposits can be used for staking and buying/selling goods as per normal.

KuCoin deposits & withdrawals suspended – Waiting for a formal announcement from KuCoin

KuCoin resumes trading – Waiting for a formal announcement from KuCoin

In-App 10% Bonus Unlocks – 26th May 2022 00:00 UTC+1

Audit certificate

To accomplish the above XCUR will be undergoing a migration to a new contract address, The process that will be followed is: 

  1. Migrating to a new BEP-20 contract address, current holders will be rewarded with a  10% migration bonus when migrating their tokens through the app. Users can deposit ERC20 & BEP20 XCUR inside the Curate app & Kucoin for a fee-free migration experience.
  1. will also have a portal open for users to migrate their funds via MetaMask or Wallet Connect on the BSC network. 
    1. Note: only the Curate app will provide a 10% bonus migration.
  1. Trading will continue as normal on Ethereum and XCUR ERC20 users will not need to do anything. XCUR ERC20 users can still take advantage of the 10% migration bonus on Ethereum by depositing XCUR into the Curate mobile app or web app. The 10% bonus will be available to all users who deposit or have already deposited into the app and hold their funds until the 26th of April at 00:00 UTC +1
    1. The Snapshot will be taken on 26th April at 00:00 UTC +1
    2. Users can withdraw their initial balance after the snapshot, Only the bonus will be locked
  1. The Curate smart contract on bscscan will be updated to:
    1. Current Smart Contract 
    2. New Smart Contract 
  1. XCUR holders on exchanges and the Curate app will be notified of the migration and will not have to do anything besides wait. Deposits and withdrawals on BEP-20 will be suspended during the migration. Upon completion, the users will not see any visual change but will gain access to the new tokens either in the Curate app or Kucoin exchange wallet. The 10% bonus tokens will then be unlocked on the 26th of May 2022 at 00:00 UTC+1 for those who migrated using the app.
  1. Following our announcement of a successful migration, users will be able to conduct in-app withdraws for the new BEP20 XCUR token. When requesting a withdrawal, please ensure the BSC network is selected.
  1. The smart contract address, total supply, max supply, and circulating supply will all be updated on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.
  1. The XCUR new smart contract audit can be found here. Curate takes pride in security and only partners with the best, ensuring everything we provide is of the highest quality.
  1. To promote fairness and accessibility to our community, the Curate migration bridge will remain open indefinitely, on our migration smart contract (
  1. Upon the commencement of the migration, trading will be suspended on centralised exchanges 48 hours prior to the migration.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the XCUR token migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be 60 million new tokens in circulation?

    60 million tokens will be the new max supply, only 9.25M will be circulating and the rest will be distributed over a number of years.

    For full details on our allocations and vesting information, please refer to our updated tokenomics page.

  • Will Curate token be listed on Coinsmart?

    Coinsmart won’t be listing $XCUR, as of now. We have announced an equity and $XCUR investment from Coinsmart, and constant acquisition of tokens through this year and the next ones. Coinsmart is 1 of 2 publicity listed on the NEO Exchange and regulated companies in the Crypto space. The partnership will also materialize itself in the form of a joint venture.

  • When will the new tokenomics come into effect?

    The new tokenomics was initiated on the 5th of April at 2 pm UTC+1.

  • Why is it important to have the new tokens in BEP-20 only?

    For 2 main reasons.

    We noticed 99% of our users prefer to trade/hold BEP20 version because it has lower gas fees and it’s faster (thanks to BSC).

    The second is the practicality of migrating one contract and coordinating the same updates on Pancake Swap and Centralized Exchanges.

  • When does marketing start?

    Pay per click (PPC) ads have started with a higher budget. Crypto Knights have resumed and we’re carrying out a bigger marketing campaign through Q2 and beyond. Curate’s marketing efforts will increase, especially now that we have our first public investor and renewed tokenomics for VCs.