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World of Warcraft’s Mythic Plus dungeons and raids now offer more

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Sep 19, 2020
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You can now fetch more anima for doing mythic keystone dungeons and raid bosses in World of Warcraft. Blizzard reveals in a blog post that it’s upping the rewards, and the change has come into effect as of the weekly reset earlier today.

You’re now getting two rare anima items for completing a mythic keystone at level seven to nine, and one more for doing it at ten or higher. If you fancy some raiding, you’ll now find that the first eight bosses in Castle Nathria will drop three anima items. Stone generals and Sire Denathrius, on the other hand, will now drop five anima items.

World of Warcraft’s raids are reasonably self-explanatory, but Mythic Plus dungeons are five-player activities that scale endlessly. You compete against a timer, similar to challenge modes, but it’s not harsh enough to make it all about pure speed. You face stricter enemies on the higher floors, but the loot you get from it is suitably increased to make it worth your time.

There’s plenty of other changes coming to dungeons and raids, too. In a separate post, Blizzard spells out oodles of buffs and nerfs for raids and dungeons. Castle Natrhia, for example, is seeing heaps of changes to its various encounters.

Lady Inerva Darkvein now throws fewer bottles at smaller raid teams, and Anima Web now does up to 20% less damage if you’re in a raid with fewer than 30 people on normal and heroic difficulties.

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