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Recent content by Cebonganyut

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    Hope can go

    Ouh mantep, seems to have to wait with patience, because the more pursued the farther away.
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    Curate app waiting

    Hopefully with the presence in the form of an app, it will be easier for users to facilitate posts.
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    Greetings brother, I hope the app you make later is landslide done, and hopefully making it easier for users.
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    Hi, Can you add other languages?

    If in my opinion again, using other languages is troublesome to the outside of people from various regions.
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    riddles / tasks

    If in my opinion, this is a puzzle, because filling in posts in this curate forum has reached the limit.
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    Where is Curate Traded???

    Brother, what you mean and write down is that I just heard, so I'm sorry I haven't been able to give an answer.
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    Price of Curate coin

    What I know is, the achievement of 500 posts first, then the admin will give a prize, once posts if not wrong 1000 after 500 earlier
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    Why should a buffalo run away brother, is this just playing with words, or just want to entertain who is here.
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    What do you think about ZCash?

    zcash, saya rasa mungkin untuk program pembayaran baru melalui dunia Maya.
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    Saya rasa, kayaknya anda harus memastikan pilih yang mana, lah cara dan aturan nanti ada, tinggal anda pelajari, itu menurut saya.
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    Quick Question!

    Yes, brother, I think everyone wants to get a quick question, but it's not good to be good anymore, and that's in my opinion.
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    is this liquidity also included. Included in the curate category of this forum, and is the sale through the Maya world?
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    Tourism in our countries.

    Greetings brother, greetings joining this curate forum, greetings I am also from Indonesia, I think every country has many tourist trips, hopefully you can enjoy all.
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    Behind your success story

    brother, I think there is everyone's hope of success, but for now that my position is still a student, hope that success.
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    Could Corona virus affect bitcoin price?

    Hahah, brother, let me laugh in your post message, because you are funny, Corona, how can you get here is funny.