This past week was a great one at Curate.

First, our app v6.0.1 went live on the iOS app store. This happened almost exactly one week to the day after our v6 was launched on android. The v6 update is sizable, as it enables a new grid view option for the wallet, displays different chain NFTs and also displays daily staking rewards. This update also enables direct payments for collectors who wish to pay using ETH or USDC instead of XCUR. Now that we have our mobile apps updated and humming along, our developers have turned their full attention to finalising our new desktop interface. This will ensure that no matter what device our collectors and creators prefer, they’ll have a sleek, intuitive interface to enjoy.

Later in the week Moe Carrim, Joe Verlaque, and Steve Moore (our President, Director of Operations, and Chief Marketing Officer, respectively) attended the Circle event in London. As per their website, Circle is a global technology firm that bridges traditional financial systems and world-leading public blockchains. The Circle mixer was a great way for our executive team to meet and network with other representatives from massive names in both the crypto and tradfi space. We hope to see the fruits of this networking event come to fruition over the course of the next few quarters.

Lastly, we on the Curate team were really proud to see yet another NFT-drop completely sell out by Curate verified artist Style of Skull (SOS). SOS has been working tirelessly for months on growing and cultivating his community of supporters. With the work ethic, vision, and catchy art style SOS has been demonstrating best practices and excellent habits of a top-tier creator in the space. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our creators find success, and we look forward to shouting out more successes as this year rolls on.