Another solid week at Curate is in the books!

Our President, Moe Carrim, and Vice President, Tomás Domingos, set off for Dubai. They attended the massive AIBC Summit from the 20th-23rd.

Tomás & Moe in Dubai

Tomás & Moe in Dubai

The AIBC Summit is a blockchain and AI expo that meets at various locations around the world a few times each year. We were lucky enough to have Tomás take the stage as one of the featured speakers! From all accounts, he absolutely crushed it. Aside from presenting, he and Moe focused on networking. We’re looking forward to seeing what springs from those productive discussions.

This week also saw v6.1 go live on the Android store (currently pending in the iOS store). We’re VERY excited about this update, as it has some awesome new features. The most notable of which is a new rankings page. This lets the user see the top 10 projects as ranked by:
– Market Price
– Number of owners
– Trading Volume
– Number of Orders
– Trading Volume in the Last 24 Hours
– Number of Items
– Floor Price

These statistics are going to be fantastic when it comes to the fractionalized NFTs and NFT staking that we’ll be adding later this year.

We rounded out this week by announcing both our partnership with Metis, and an upcoming listing/integration with StrikeX.

Metis is an Ethereum layer 2 rollup platform. They support DApps, DAOs, NFTs, and are positioning themselves to be major players in the Web3 economy. The announcement of our partnership this week foreshadows our upcoming integration. By the end of April, we should have full Metis import/export NFT functionality and Metis NFT minting live in-app.

The StrikeX Wallet will be going live in Q2 2022 and it features token storage, exchange, and tracking capabilities. We’re very excited about this partnership/listing with such a promising up-and-coming project.

Lastly, this week we gave away twenty (20!) NFTs, courtesy of our new partnership with the Monkey Business NFT project. Monkey Business NFTs give holders real-life utility by way of travel benefits, investment opportunities, and more. Members from the Monkey Business team also attended the AIBC expo in Dubai for their official launch. We’re quite excited to see how this project grows and evolves over time.

Overall, a VERY solid week of news and continued partnership growth.