Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there!

Now, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates throughout the world, but it’s held today in Canada and the U.S.A. So, don’t worry if you’re from one of the countries that celebrate it on a different day… we wish you a very happy Mother’s Day no matter when you celebrate it!

Yugalabs, Otherside & $APE Integration 

We’re proud to announce that we are currently working with Yugalabs to integrate $APE as a payment method on our app. We are always looking to add great tokens and coins which are forward-thinking in the NFT space. With the popularity of the BAYC (among other projects from Yugalabs) it’s a no-brainer for us to add $APE as a payment option.

This token integration is great news and comes in tandem with an announcement that Otherside NFTs are making their way to the Curate platform. This is fun news for us, and marks the second time Curate has boasted Yugalab NFTs on our secondary sales market. 

What’s most exciting about these two announcements is a simple takeaway: Establishing these working relationships and familiarity between our projects, brings us closer to further collaboration. Of course, if this announcement is as far as things formally go between our projects, we’ll be pleased… But if you have been paying attention to our team and past partnerships, you’ll know that we’re never content with the status quo.

We push hard to maximize the benefit from our partnerships for both our project and those that partner with us. To this end, we have a host of ideas we are hoping to implement with Yugalabs. But of course, we take everything one step at a time. And it can’t be stated too loudly that this $APE integration is a pretty exciting piece of news just on its own. Having said that, you should definitely keep an eye peeled for more news in the way of Curate working with YugaLabs. We certainly feel there’s a tremendous opportunity here for all involved.


This week saw 2 AMA’s from James Hakim. The first AMA was cohosted by new team member “Decentralised David” and active community member WannabeCrypto. The second AMA was co-hosted by another new team member, Matt McNeil. Both of these new team members will be introduced further down.

On the heels of our popular April AMAs, we feel it’s certainly time for a few more informal community chats. After all, much of the initial strength of Curate came from strong community engagement from frequent chats with James. So, we want to be sure we stay true to our roots. 

The AMAs covered both serious and lighter aspects of our project, and where we see ourselves going. If you missed them you can find the first one here, and the second one here.

We will also be doing a THIRD AMA on May 10th, so mark your calendars if you haven’t already done so. You might also want to think up some questions to toss our way. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 


New team members: Decentralised David & Matt McNeil

David has been a huge part of our community for a long time now. But, his “aha” moment came during our Christmas Contest where one of his entries wowed us. Since then, he’s been incredibly active and engaged with our community. We know he’s a great addition, and it’s been thanks, in part, to the investment from Coinsmart that we’ve been able to further expand our team to bring him aboard.

Adding David is a great step forward for us and him. You’ll see him on our Telegram channels, and taking over the media for our Instagram account. In addition to these duties, he’s also actively engaged with our marketing team brainstorming new campaigns. In fact, he’s already brought a number of excellent ideas to the table. We’re truly happy to welcome him on board. 

Another outstanding person we have been lucky to add to our team is Matt McNeil. Longtime community members might recognize him as an OG Curator. On our end, we’ve always been very appreciative of his perspective and contributions to our Telegram channels. So, we’re thrilled to officially welcome him to our team. He also has over a decade experience with disruptive tech and cyber security. Thus far, he’s been a tremendous addition as a liaison with our community. Not only that but he’s been very helpful internally on the technical front as well. 

One of the most amazing aspect of Curate is just how many people from our community end up becoming valued team members. We really look forward to this trend continuing as we grow. Will you see yourself in one of these team meeting pictures one day? Only time will tell.