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Why Do I use this?

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Nov 17, 2020
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I'm curretnly merchatning and when I complete the purchase, I will have 1 million gold. I'm wondering what I should spend it on:abilities,fight,slayer or should I maintain merchatning? Allrighty. I want 99 thieving as I know it's a very simple and RuneScape gold quick skill to train. It's just for a simple trimming for fletching. Is this the best means to do it? Pyramid Plunder, Room 1 - Search Gold chest-Find door to next room, Room 2 - Search Gold chest - Locate door to adjacent room, Room 3 - Search Gold chest - Find door to next room, Room 4 - Search Gold chest - Locate door to next room, Room 5 - Search all urns for snakes - loot all urns - search gold chest - depart.

When ever I get 71, 81, 91 should I just keep using the exact same method or should I begin searching urns in certain level rooms ( before my final available room)? Like when do the chambers start giving you exp worth the time taken? Thanks. Recently I have been spending time at Avainsies, also I have a couple questions. Games Necklace, Ranging Potion, Zamorak Prayer Book, Holy Symbol, Varrock Teletab(s), and the rest of my area are Sharks. Now, my questions.

I should probably switch my shield to Granite, correct? I realize I need to take Bones to Peaches instead of Sharks, but I did not get it yet from the Mage Training Arena. Would tabs work? Should I still bring some Sharks? Any other improvments I could make to my own armor? Any other suggestions? End eadgar's ruse for an easy tele to near the god wars. Here's what I consider, Your equiped items are not so great. To save / create stock space, Simply wear the sara & zammy items.

Why Do I use this? Teleing to Trollheim leaves 1 area to begin collecting drops ( 2 laws are gone ). The super defence clearly causes you to take less damage. Ranging pots for quicker kills. Sharks get you a good couple kills until you begin BtP'ing. 100 alchs for rune daggers & limbs. 502 fires becomes 500 if you tele to trollheim. Having bolts & pubs ( noted ) already in devise, means making no room for drops. Having 1 gp means no need to make room for alched cash. If you get a swordfish drop, but have no room, just drop something, pick up buy OSRS gold a swordie, eat it, select ur item up. Hope this helps, It is actually the best way to perform Aviansies.