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Rules and Guidelines

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Dec 31, 2019
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CURATE Forum Rules & Guidelines

  • Rules (serious offences):
  1. Do not post spam, copy & paste or write worthless messages just for the sake of increasing your message count
  2. Do not post NSFW/pornographic or obscene content
  3. Do not abuse the referral system (e.g do not use bots or sign-up using your own referral link)
  4. Do not try to deceive others or the awards system (we have anti-fraud measurements in place)
Anyone caught doing the above we will receive a '1st warning'.
If they are caught doing this again, they will receive a final '2nd warning' resulting in a permanent ban of their account/IP.
All banned users will have their IP added onto a public database of 'scammers and spammers'.

  • Guidelines (good practice behaviour):
  1. Be kind, friendly and helpful to other members of the community (refrain from swearing or trolling)
  2. Create threads in the right sections otherwise it will be moved manually by our staff
  3. Report messages by clicking on the 'Report' link bottom left of every message (it looks like this: 133)
  4. Help us make the forum a better place by giving us feedback here, if you've found a bug you will get a CUR8 reward :)
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