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Only serious fletchers need to continue beyond this stage.

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Nov 17, 2020
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Level 40-55. From here on, I would visit Seers' Village as that's the very best place for RuneScape gold folks your level and up. If you're cutting your own logs, then cut the spot on the map to get willows. Make 3,082 Willow Longbows (un ) to get 55 fletching. Level 55-70. Now this is only one of the longest and hardest stretches. From here on out you are going to be stringing all your bows as they give far better exp like that. Alternative: Instead of fletching all these bows and stringing themyou could buy twice as many logs and only fletch the bows. According to Grand Exchange prices, this would significantly decrease the price. This strategy is recommended if you do not have millions of coins lying around, but it could be slightly slower. Level 70-80. Ok, now you are at one of the most difficult parts of leveling fletching.

Level 80-85. Now you have a choice: you can stick with Yew Longbows or visit Magic Shortbows. If you're purchasing the logs, I recommend Magic Shortbows since they provide more experience. However, if you're cutting your logs afterward even at 99 woodcut it is faster to use Yew longbows rather than Magic Shortbows, as Magic Logs are much slower to reduce. In case you decide to stay with Yew Longbows you'll need to create 8,484 of them. If you decide to move on to Magic Shortbows you will have to create 7,620 of them before level 85. Wonderful work, you made it! Now I would go do something else for a while -- perhaps alchemy, or sell all those bows you simply created and buy yourself something nice, or train other skills. Only serious fletchers need to continue beyond this stage.

Level 85-99. If you're really serious about getting to level 99 fletching, then you will have to create 53,420 Magic Longbows! Yeah, I know it's a great deal but don't be put off by it. You can certainly do it and remember this can make you millions if you'd like it to. Level 99. Congratulations! You are now one of the top fletchers in RuneScape! Taken from this beautiful runescape.salmoneus website. I have 50 fletching BTW. Let us focus on the center uses rather than the special. It takes the ruddy bar about 4 minutes to refill, so I wouldn't rely upon that. If you are not into battle, then I mean possibly Slayer or hunting excursions, that are the main applications for your own Godsword, then you can do just fine with your current weapon. If you are into OSRS Gold For Sale combat, then the sword includes a few standard advantages.