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Maxidax - New global masternode high profit rate

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Sep 11, 2020
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I've been doing sub-coin research for a long time. Maxidax will enter the new stock exchange. I opened a trial membership and made some investments. You can start with an investment of 100 dollars. Those who want to try can reach me privately via whatsap and telegram. I try to help whenever I have time.

My Refreans Links :

Refsiz Link: www.maxidax.com asks for a sponsor id while signing up. Sponsor Id: 337110 Those who catch it at the beginning of the project will earn good profits. Check out the details below.

10.000 coins are being installed in 1 materno. The person can purchase as many masternodes as they want. There is no upper limit. The coin initial value is $ 0.01.
Revenue Model: Masternode will earn 30% monthly and 1% net income per day. there is no requirement to network. The person earns 1 percent daily as much as the Masternode he / she bought.
Income Model: Reference income: 10% instant earnings

Income Model: first start bonus (Fast start bonus): When 4 personal registrations are added in the first 14 days, 25% gain of the investment made for each registration appears in your account on the 14th day in total.
Note: If there are no 4 personal records in the first 14 days, 10% of the investment made by each registration is taken.
Revenue Model: Binary income: three times the turnover of weak coke. Example: when you make 1000 $ turnover on the weak arm, 3000 $ matches from the strong arm made by your sponsor and you win 300 $ matches.
You can get matches for every $ 100 turnover generated on your weak arm.

Income Model: maching (leadership bonus):
1.dep you must add min 1 masternode 4 fistlines 10% of their binary income
2.dep you min. You should get 5 masternodes 8 you should add 8 first lines of their binary income 8% of their binary income
you should get 10 masternodes You should add 12 firstlines 6% of their binary income
You should get 50 masternodes 16 firstline 4% of their binary income
You should get 100 masternodes You should add 20 firstlines 2.
Income of 2% of their binary income Careers are now determined. Surprise income opportunity.

Coin production will be limited to 10 billion units in total.
Blockchain-based erc will be 20 Smart contracts. And the project will progress step by step, 2 world stock exchanges will be offered for sale in 2 Turkish stock exchanges.
The person who will deposit the earnings as coins will be able to convert them into cash from the exchange they want.
There will be internal transfer between individuals, so it will have its own special software and it will be possible to scan money 24/7 by creating a police station or reading the address of the person.
In the first 60 days, the coin will be valued 10 times and after 150 days it will be valued 20 times. Their planning is in this direction and will see those exact figures. Those who invest first will earn a lot of money. The coin will initially enter the stock market at $ 0.01 and will be valued very quickly as there will be a lot of buying demand since no one will sell it.