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Oct 20, 2020
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Bitcoin is like "digital gold," a store of value that won't be used like traditional currencies for at least the next five years, billionaire investor Mike Novogratz has said."I don't think bitcoin will be used as a trading currency for the next five years," he said in an interview.Bitcoin is being used as a store of value."
He explained that Bitcoin remained a relatively small asset class, largely favored by millennial investors, and that it had little influence in financial markets because traditional investors typically chose physical gold as their wealth reserves.While Novogratz has been an advocate for the widespread adoption of digital currencies and sees more upside for bitcoin, he also stressed that the currency won't be used in everyday transactions anytime soon."Bitcoin is like digital gold, and it will continue to rise.More and more people are using it as part of their portfolio."He said.
Bitcoin surged 14 percent last week, reaching $13,169 on Monday.Bitcoin's rise was boosted by an announcement by PayPal, the US digital payments company, that it would allow customers to buy and hold cryptocurrencies.Novogratz described PayPal's decision last week as "the biggest cryptocurrency story of the year."He predicted that all Banks would join the race to offer encryption products and said companies such as E-Trade, Visa, mastercard and American Express would follow suit "within a year".

"Bitcoin is now seen as an asset, and blockchain is going to be part of the financial infrastructure, so there's no question that cryptocurrencies will become important.So the question is not whether to do it, but when to do it. Every company has to have a plan.""He added.

Coincidentally.J.p. Morgan analysts also pointed out in the latest research report, millennials tend to configure the currency, rather than gold, to as an "alternative" currency, and as time goes by, the proportion of the millennial generation in investment groups will be more and more high, the currency is expected to squeeze the gold market, this means that up to 10 times the rise space.

The cryptocurrency market has grown from about $195bn at the start of the year to about $397.9bn, according to data from the IXX Exchange, a leading cryptocurrency data platform.Bitcoin is by far the largest digital currency in circulation, with a market value of $244bn, or about 61% of the total market.The IXX Exchange, the world's first digital asset trading community, supports Bitcoin, Cardano, OMG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Coin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies to meet the needs of all users.I 'm Brian. If you are also interested in this piece, both please contact me Twitter:twitter.com/Brian61278458 WhatsApp: + 852 5444 3897
Now more people choose to buy Bitcoin on the IXX Exchange mainly because:
1. Quick purchase and foreign exchange trading.Exchange between different cryptocurrencies is faster and easier.Legal tender transactions.All you need is a credit card to deposit bitcoin in a wallet of your choice in a matter of minutes.
2. Contract trading. Two-way trading makes it easier for you to make money.
3. Safe clearing, the world's first "100% cold wallet" storage mechanism, achieved through the combination of software and hardware technologies, to ensure that all assets of the platform are completely isolated from the public network.
4. Transaction efficiency, supporting the matching speed of 2 million +/ SEC/transaction pairs, ensuring uninterrupted service and no delay in operation.The founding team of IXX Exchange fully implemented the platform concept of "digital asset trading Community" to fundamentally serve proje
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Apr 9, 2021
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How about the ItBit Exchange ? All in all, itBit is a great cryptocurrency exchange for professional traders who are dealing with large sums of money. the exchange is licensed and regulated within the United States. Therefore, investors’ funds are guaranteed to be safe and are ensured.