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DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus version 2021.5

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Jul 6, 2021
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DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus version 2021.5

DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus version 2021.5
Size: 1.69 GB | Languages: English

Free Download DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus Professional 2021 full version standalone offline installer for Windows, it is one of the most powerful software available for the calculation of the antenna design.

Overview of DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus Professional 2021
This program is one of the best and most powerful software available for the calculation of the antenna design.
To design and build an antenna needs to have knowledge in the field of emissions, strengthen the principles of microwave radiation and microwave amplifier design, impedance matching of the software will do it the best possible way.
The user can easily antennas its requirements from the antenna in database software, numbering more than 200 number.
Simply select the configuration that meets your needs, given it a soft one microwave circuit simulation and design software such as CTS or AWR or FIKO to simulate, analyze & send.

Features of DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus Professional 2021

� The Array Synthesis Tool has been extended to allow the use of multiple element patterns per array and to allow the direct use of element patterns of existing antenna designs in the collection.
� The Basic Array Operators have been expanded to include a Mirror Operator with a copy and phase shift option.
� The existing Basic Rotation and Translation operators have been updated to include a copy option with a progressive phase shift.
� The Value Compare Table, previously only available in design mode, is now also available in the Compare Window.
� The functionality of the Value Compare Table in the Compare Window has also been extended to allow the selection of a reference in the table.
� It is now possible to calculate near-fields for a design that was previously estimated without NFS enabled.
� The Export Macro functionality has been expanded to allow only a selection of all available variables to be exported.
� Design Range Extrapolation has been expanded to objectives in the Materials/ Physical Properties group, which includes substrate height, relative permittivity, etc.

Technical Details and System Requirements

� Supported OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 /Windows 7
� Processor: Multi core Intel Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent
� RAM: 4GB (8GB or more recommended)
� Free Hard Disk Space: 4GB or more recommended





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Aug 31, 2021
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Aug 31, 2021
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