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Another method to get Crypto/Money-XRP

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Jan 27, 2020
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For this time I want to add another way to get Cryptocurrency with join in another platform of social media. Where now the payment obtained using Ripple-XRP coins/tokens as coin payment.
Yes this new website called Cryptmedia, where every member who joins can get paid in the form of XRP from making posts, comments, reading blogs, watching videos, and getting newcomers to this community with their referral link.

Where the income system is obtained from:
  • Upon registration, you will receive 1000 Drops.
  • Daily Visit 1000 Drops.
  • Clicking on links 300 Drops (per unique url).
  • Viewing Blog Post -> 100 Drop Each
  • Referral -> 500 Drops per signups.
  • Viewing your referral link -> 300 Drops.
  • Post -> 150 Drops / Post (200x per day Only).
  • Sending Message -> 20 Drops / Message (300 Messages per day Only).
  • Commenting on Post -> 20 Drop / Comment (300 Comments per day Only).
  • New Friend -> 300 Drops / Friend
  • Upload Photo -> 50 Drops / Photo (300 Photos per day only).
  • Profile Avatar -> 300 Drops (3x a Month).
  • Profile Cover -> 300 Drops (3x a Month).
  • Watching Videos -> Variants (100 - 300 Drops)
  • Read Blog -> Variants (100 - 300 Drops)
  • Redeem Coupons -> Variant
Where the calculation is 1 drop = 0.00000100 xrp

And the payment is directly obtained if the user has set a ripple / xrp address for them automatically.

To set up the following address:
Setup your XRP information to your Profile. (Profile> About> XRP Information)
In this format:
"Address: destinationtag"
like this: rU2mEJSLqBRkYLVTv55rFTgQajkLTnT6mA: 123456
where rU2mEJSLqBRkYLVTv55rFTgQajkLTnT6mA is the address and 123456 is your destination tag.
Note: Don`t forget to put a colon ":" between the address
And this is the proof of payment I got after joining here:

Proof of payment
Now for those of you who are interested and want to join and get XRP coins, please join through my referral link below:


Maybe the income is still small, but at least it can increase your coffers of money from small things while surfing the virtual world.