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  1. JonSnow

    Coinbase earn

    Sadly, I'm still in some sort of waiting list which sucks totally :( Let's just hope they allow me to get them coins so I can be a bit more richer. Greetings!
  2. JonSnow

    Imtoken airdrop

    Is this one legit dude? Will check it out anyways so thanks for the heads up. Let's see how it works out. Regards.
  3. JonSnow

    Parrotrelease Inter country referral competition won $150

    I just signed up yesterday but it was quite confusing for me to understand. I guess I gotta give it another look in order to understand it better. Do you know any blog or site where they can explain like five how to use parrotrelease? Regards champ!
  4. JonSnow

    CURATE app update (v0.1) ❤️

    Hello mate! First timer here so I guess my opinion doesn't have that much value (yet) What I'm seeing so far has been amazing. The site looks simple to use and it's always attractive when crypto is involved. Greetings from Venezuela.
  5. JonSnow

    How to make money?

    In order to make money effectively we must be aware on how to use and distribute the most precious asset a human being can possibly have, whish is time. If you manage to master your time like a boss regardlessof what you do, I'm pretty sure most of us would thrive. Greetings from Venezuela pal.
  6. JonSnow

    Let's talk a bit about myself (First Post)

    What's good champs! I'm gonna try to keep this one short. My name is Jon Snow, I'm The King In The North Of My Bedroom (In Venezuela) I'm a former English Teacher, Travel Agent who is trying to make a living by blogging himself around the cryptospace. I love crypto! I've been in the rodeo for 3...
  7. JonSnow

    A BIG hello from James! 🙏

    What's good champ! I'm also new on Cur8. Just checking everything around to get familiarized with it. Crypto is doing great nowadays thanks to the emergence of sites like this one. I wish you good fortune on the wars to come pal. Greetings from Venezuela.