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  1. Killabee

    Awards not paid...

    This is the second time now where I am eligible for a BTC award and admin James is not responding. I never had any issues with the CUR8 awards, they were always paid in time but now with the BTC awards he is being irresponsive. You can't pull in peope by presenting them awards and then no pay...
  2. Killabee

    Ready for $XCUR

    Still no swap in my wallet. Some updates or news around the status would be nice.
  3. Killabee

    Ready for $XCUR

    I filled in the form but no swap yet. Did anything go wrong?
  4. Killabee

    DEX to buy/sell CUR8

    Just out of curiosity, which DEX is used to buy and sell the CUR8 token? Will it be worthwhile to try to sell the CUR8 tokens after the swap to XCUR?
  5. Killabee

    Ready for $XCUR

    Done, just in time. Am wondering if CUR8 will still hold value after the swap.
  6. Killabee

    Opening a Website

    Try to work together with a new and upcoming coin and incentivize people for putting content on the website. Like publish articles, links to good content, tweets etc. Like a consolidated marketplace for news and information.
  7. Killabee

    Some new airdrops

    QLP coin: https://t.me/QLPCoin_Bot?start=838475613 BitEnergy: https://t.me/bitenergyairdropbot?start=838475613 GEchain: https://t.me/GEChainRound2_bot?start=0225665747 Orchid (OXT): https://t.me/OrchidAirdropBot?start=r0225665747
  8. Killabee

    Climbing Ethereum

    Back to 246 today ;-) BTC is still king, if BTC goes down, almost all coins go down. Only top coin that is staying steady right now is EOS. Quite surprising.
  9. Killabee

    What Tiny coins to invest on

    NRG, OGN, ADA, XLM, BAT- some of the coins you should be aiming for.
  10. Killabee

    List of shitcoins?

    I have loads of those. Coins without any volume basically means useless. Try converting those coins to a coin that actually is worth something is your best bet.
  11. Killabee

    Coinbase earn

    You lost your passport? Also, you do not have a drivers license? Oh man, that's terrible. Hope it works out for you.
  12. Killabee

    Scam projects killing crypto?

    I agree. Do some research before sending your data on every airdrop.
  13. Killabee

    Do you still like and do mining ?

    I want to start mining smaller coins on raspberry PI. SHould still be profitable.
  14. Killabee

    7 This Cryptocurrency is Predicted to Boom in 2020

    My additional picks: NRG Being the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of Smart Contracts, Governance & Self-funding Treasury to ensure longevity and enable rapid growth. Focus on making the world a better place. Chainlink Chainlink (LINK) is a decentralized oracle service...
  15. Killabee

    Lbry youtube killer?

    Let me check it out. Hadn't heard if it before.
  16. Killabee


    I agree with Alther. Haven't prepared at all. I know that people in the Netherlands are buying up masks and are already collecting on food. I am bit worried though as my 11 year old son is on a skiing trip in Italy and Italy is the most affected country in the EU atm...
  17. Killabee

    Award issues that can be obtained?

    Just look at the earn free crypto page and see what you have to do. It is not rocket science.
  18. Killabee

    What is Blockchain Email?

    I'm in a global role at work and receive around 200-300 emails per day. If we'd have to pay a fee for every email that would be a costly business.
  19. Killabee

    Investment or Trading ?

    I do the same as @ikydesu. I trade and I invest. Depends on the coin and path I see for the coin in the future.
  20. Killabee

    What country is suitable for mining bitcoin?

    You not only need space and electricity but you will also need cold as the mining rigs for bitcoin produce insane heat if you want to mine properly. Al lot of mining farms have been set up in Russia, Iceland and Greenland. You can rent a chunk there if you have the money.