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  1. Henrymax30

    Bitcoin halving

    Hi guys, what do u think of the incoming halving of bitcoin in less than 10 days. Do u think bitcoin will maintaim status quo or hit new ATH.. Please your views are gladly welcome
  2. Henrymax30

    A. I "A Blessing or Curse"

    Whenever I remember The Terminator Movies starring one of my favorite actors of all time Arnold Schwarzenegger, I can't stop to think if it isn't possible for events of skynet to occur. Do u have negatives thoughts about A. I? What are they
  3. Henrymax30

    Thoughts on Buzzin

    What's your take on buzzin and it's crypto bounty reward system
  4. Henrymax30

    Donald Trump

    If You had the opportunity to be POTUS for 24hrs what would u accomplish?
  5. Henrymax30

    Top performing Cryptos 2020

    Hello Crypto enthusiasts Here's a quick one Which altcoins do u think would be among the top 10 performers this year 2020 considering ROI and why do u think so? Your candid opinion matters