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    Hope can go

    Ouh mantep, seems to have to wait with patience, because the more pursued the farther away.
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    Curate app waiting

    Hopefully with the presence in the form of an app, it will be easier for users to facilitate posts.
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    Greetings brother, I hope the app you make later is landslide done, and hopefully making it easier for users.
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    Hi, Can you add other languages?

    If in my opinion again, using other languages is troublesome to the outside of people from various regions.
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    riddles / tasks

    If in my opinion, this is a puzzle, because filling in posts in this curate forum has reached the limit.
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    Where is Curate Traded???

    Brother, what you mean and write down is that I just heard, so I'm sorry I haven't been able to give an answer.
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    Price of Curate coin

    What I know is, the achievement of 500 posts first, then the admin will give a prize, once posts if not wrong 1000 after 500 earlier
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    Why should a buffalo run away brother, is this just playing with words, or just want to entertain who is here.
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    What do you think about ZCash?

    zcash, saya rasa mungkin untuk program pembayaran baru melalui dunia Maya.
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    Saya rasa, kayaknya anda harus memastikan pilih yang mana, lah cara dan aturan nanti ada, tinggal anda pelajari, itu menurut saya.
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    Quick Question!

    Yes, brother, I think everyone wants to get a quick question, but it's not good to be good anymore, and that's in my opinion.
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    is this liquidity also included. Included in the curate category of this forum, and is the sale through the Maya world?
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    Tourism in our countries.

    Greetings brother, greetings joining this curate forum, greetings I am also from Indonesia, I think every country has many tourist trips, hopefully you can enjoy all.
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    Behind your success story

    brother, I think there is everyone's hope of success, but for now that my position is still a student, hope that success.
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    Could Corona virus affect bitcoin price?

    Hahah, brother, let me laugh in your post message, because you are funny, Corona, how can you get here is funny.
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    How much curate you need?

    Hello brother, I think if the question is like that, then of course people will have many needs and want to enter also income, because in terms of human currency will not feel enough, always
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    Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

    All I know is that Satoshi Nakamoto is a Japanese, the legendary samurai ... if that's true.
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    How do you know about Bitcoin?

    What I know about Bitcoin is how to find Maya money to be produced in the real world.
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    Your first bitcoin.

    The first time I knew Bitcoin was Yobit, and that too through my friend, then I was directed to curate this forum.
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    Longest confirmation time for Bitcoin?

    The time is long for me, in this curate forum is a limit of 500, because it is not easy to achieve.