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  1. cryptosix

    Referral System

    I am seeing in sidebar there are some top members who referred so many people, then why they didn't got paid in BTC? I thought to refer some of my friends, but the stats shows no one got paid in BTC. Any staff member would clear this thing so we can work forward.
  2. cryptosix

    Main Indian Hoon

    Yahan pe Koi bhi post nahi kiey, aaj talak ek post bhi nahi hai, phir kisliey is forum ko kole? Kya kithne aadmi ko BTC mile? Sabhi logo ko mere taraf se NAMASKAR.
  3. cryptosix

    Opening a Website

    I was thinking to startup something using Crypto however I came to face some problems that made me not to open any site. A faucet site, but this won't make money unless you will get more advertisers. A forum which require huge money in developing so this won't be possible for me. Crypto exchange...
  4. cryptosix

    Future of Ethereum

    What is the future of Ethereum and what do you think about the price growth or fallback. I wish the Ethereum had a bright future, but in the past a lot of people said bad things about Ether.
  5. cryptosix

    Posts Deletion

    Does the moderators and admin would delete posts of members here? I saw a member whose posts got deducted 2 and don't know whether they were deleted permanently or removed from useful posts. I have seen in another forums where they delete everyday without reason to other countries except Russia...
  6. cryptosix

    Secured Connection

    I see the forums shows unsecured in the web browser, could you check the url on some threads. The index page is ok as the lock icon shows, but threads were getting problem and this will give problems to search engines. I think their is a link of http:// instead of https:// so just view the...
  7. cryptosix

    Too many ads

    I am seeing a lot of ads while browsing forums and does this forums depend on ads money? There are some prizes but us that heir any escrow or proof for paying members. I had few more questions and want to hear from admin too. @James
  8. cryptosix

    Moderator Position

    Ive had most experience in moderating and developing forums, since from more than 5 years. I am 1 year old in Crypto and 3 months old in Cryptotalk forums. If you need I can post the links of my previous experience. I will be online more than 6 hours per day so it is not difficult for me in...
  9. cryptosix

    Hi to everyone

    I just landed here by seeing the post in Bitcointalk forums, however the person didn't replied but got this from Google search results. I am hoping to build a good name here too. Please Welcome me.