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  1. Rebecca

    the tourism

    Great introduction? Doesn't make sense to me at all what you just wrote.
  2. Rebecca

    What's your style?

    I tend to go with the season standards but try to make my own approach and add some colour that is not in the seasons pallet as an example
  3. Rebecca

    The best and Worst Fashion Trends

    Finally a topic I can relate to: fashion :) There are no bad trends if you ask me. All trends have their charm and we all like to participate. Whether it is baggy, country, manly and even hippie pants.
  4. Rebecca

    Scam projects killing crypto?

    My crypto comes mainly from airdrops. Out of 10 airdrops that I enter, I usualy get something from 2-3. Should I consider the others as scam? Also, sometimes airdrop asks to send some small ETH but my friend told me not to send because it's a scam. Thoughts?
  5. Rebecca

    Which altcoin to invest in

    Hi all, I am new to the crypto world and only have a small budget for investing. Can you point me in a direction? Which altcoin is worth investing in and not look at for a period to make it profitable for me? I understand that there is already lots of information here in the forum but it is so...
  6. Rebecca

    Token & Coin?

    OMG, so much information in this topic alone already.... Gonna take a while to catch up on all of the lingo and news.
  7. Rebecca

    Bitcoin is scam

    I am new to the crypto world and all I have now are free crypto from airdrops my friends referred me to. Am thinking of investing in bitcoin. Why do you think it is a scam. Others do not seem to agree with you.
  8. Rebecca

    Welcome curate good platfrom

    Hi Abaycs, I am new also. Let's see if we can learn and earn something on this forum :-)
  9. Rebecca

    Hi everyone

    Hi all, My name is Rebecca. Very new to the crypto world but hopefully this forum will help me on my journey. Thank you