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Recent content by sakib

  1. sakib

    Buzzin token pool

    Is Buzzin curate token pool permanenty closed or will it be back?
  2. sakib


    What is the benifit of liquidity? Is liquidity better than trading? And how does it work?
  3. sakib

    ERC-20 token

    Hello guys, I want to invest some money on ERC-20 token. Can any one tell me which tokens have great potential and why?
  4. sakib

    I earned 325 CUR8 tokens !

    Congratulation, keep it up. Hope i will earn something from here too😘
  5. sakib

    Buzzin token exchange

    Dear sir, What happend to buzzin point to cur8 token exchange option? Will it be back or it’s permanently off?
  6. sakib

    Trading $CUR8 on exchange

    For buying from your app what currencies will you accept? And would it be Global?
  7. sakib

    Brave Browser

    Using it for 3 months and got only 0.2 BAT which is worth 0.06 USD. If you want to use it as browser it is good, have strong ad blocker. But if you want to earn money then it’s useless without referral. Only referrer got paid, user got nothing.
  8. sakib

    Bull run

    I hope it cross 20000 USD. But stability is necessary.
  9. sakib


    Will it be available globally or some selected country? And what about payment method? Eagerly waiting for it. Hope it accept cryptocurrency payments.
  10. sakib


    My personal favourites are Binance and Kucoin Exchange. And for wallet Coinbase and Blockchain.