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Recent content by Max

  1. Max

    What wallet or exchange offer small fee for Ethereum ?

    Use coinbase to exchange your assets And to store use Trust wallet
  2. Max

    My wish

    Nah that's me lmao Yours is much better Who's Boris Brejcha?
  3. Max

    Appreciate the reward

    Lol yes I am really enjoying, go through the link to know howmuch I am really HODLing  check my wallet
  4. Max

    Appreciate the reward

    Just got my first reward from the forum, Thanks team https://etherscan.io/tx/0xaed5cb9c73f289b91b0cb3d42a3f2c07301fa4b302fbaa76553e29f51b15936f
  5. Max


    Are we moving towards the next bullrun? What's your thoughts?
  6. Max

    Invest in Bitcoin

    It's better to go with eth now.... I have put my money on eth
  7. Max

    Invest in Bitcoin

    Yes why not? You should invest in crypto not only in btc, go with eth too
  8. Max

    BTC to GOLD

    Yes it's a good idea but not now when we hit ATH that's a time to go
  9. Max

    Coinbase Earn

    Y es it's kinda cool idea you learn about new coins and tokens with handful of reward
  10. Max

    Eth $180

    Eth is $180, will we see the 500 by the end of the may?
  11. Max

    Received 950 tokens today)

    Congratulations buddy, keep up the good work make Curate forum best among the fashion freaks
  12. Max

    Join cloud mining

    Not listed yet minepi.com this is their website Heard about it from friend
  13. Max


    Checkout playup.com They were giving away 50 tokens a day for year to every participants Rewards are high if you get it right
  14. Max

    Join cloud mining

    You can recharge the Mobile in selected countries or you can sell it on exchanges however cloud mining is a coolest way to get more people on board
  15. Max

    Join cloud mining

    You can earn around 100 etn in a month its undervalued now so it will be around 0.4 per month I guess