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Recent content by Krishnamuri777

  1. Krishnamuri777

    Ready for $XCUR

    That's good to hear . I am also waiting to get my new tokens.
  2. Krishnamuri777

    Swap Cur8 to $XCUR

    I still didn't receive the new curate tokens help me
  3. Krishnamuri777

    Swap Cur8 to $XCUR

    Can you send me link of telegram group? I have filled the form though
  4. Krishnamuri777

    Swap Cur8 to $XCUR

    Can I still fill this form and swap ? Please help me I have 800 curate
  5. Krishnamuri777

    Bitcoin going up $6400 +

    The bitcoin price recovered from $4900 to $6500 and it seems it will continuously rise from now and reach $10000 once again and maybe break that $10000 mark as well , what do you think folks ?
  6. Krishnamuri777

    Bitcoin to $5000!

    And now again bitcoin price is going up to $6200 and most likely it will race away to hit the $10000 mark and above.
  7. Krishnamuri777

    Price of altcoins after Bitcoin down?

    yeah you are right too , but now that the bitcoin price is going up , i expect that the price of altcoins also go up .
  8. Krishnamuri777

    Bitcoin to $5000!

    Yeah that's a great idea to buy Bitcoin. But I am waiting for BRC to reach like $3000 in couple of days so we can buy huge BTC and hold and sell it at right time
  9. Krishnamuri777

    Nano from $1 to $0.4 in couple of weeks!

    Nano cryptocurrency, known for it's zero transaction fees and fast transaction speed , has suddenly dropped from $1 to $0.4 in just some days. Is this happened due to lowering of bitcoin price or some other reasons ? Is it better to hold Nano cryptocurrency now it to sell it and stop thinking...
  10. Krishnamuri777

    Price of altcoins after Bitcoin down?

    What do you expect the price of altcoins to go down or to go high after the drop in Bitcoin price? It seems ethereum has gone down by a huge edge after Bitcoin dropped. Share your opinions.
  11. Krishnamuri777

    Bitcoin to $5000!

    What could be the major reason for bitcoin to suddenly drop to $5000 and below? Many people say that Bitcoin may go all time high after the halving in May, what do you think if this ? Share your opinions
  12. Krishnamuri777

    quret poll

    First of all check the cur8 spelling. Cur8 has its own importance , I hope it gets tradable soon with a good price in a reputed exchanger. Please don't dump the token ! Sell at high price.
  13. Krishnamuri777

    Airdrop rewand 500$

    Is this task still available? I am.nkt interested in that 500 usdt because it seems too good to be true and our personal data is in risk well , I am bothered about 15 doge?
  14. Krishnamuri777

    Trust Wallet - Trustworthy?

    Now the trust wallet also has a new feature which notified us with a message that we received the funds , I just now saw it.
  15. Krishnamuri777

    Eth $180

    I think ethereum may have a drop down to $120 once it crosses the $200 mark , that's what happened the previous years.