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Recent content by Henrymax30

  1. Henrymax30


    Worth a try, even for content writers... Is there a way to learn content writing from these platforms?
  2. Henrymax30


    Livetradebox? I'm just hearing about this platform. I probably would check it out
  3. Henrymax30

    3 core elements of blockchain tech

    Curate app will be a game changer when it come out. Alot of celebrities would like to try it out.. we could as well go for people like snoop Dogg, soulja boy, Lindsay Lohan as brand ambassadors, these guys are already familiar with cryptoverse
  4. Henrymax30

    Curate App Beta Launch 📱

    When is the app coming out?? It's been ages, the whole of crypto community can't wait longer, it seems like
  5. Henrymax30

    Does Prime EXT Pills Really Work?

    Interesting, but what has size got to do with performance?
  6. Henrymax30

    Ways to buy bitcoin

    Go with reputable exchanges like binance coinbase huobi to name a few..
  7. Henrymax30

    Bitcoin halving

    Hi guys, what do u think of the incoming halving of bitcoin in less than 10 days. Do u think bitcoin will maintaim status quo or hit new ATH.. Please your views are gladly welcome
  8. Henrymax30

    CURATE app update (v0.1) ❤️

    This looks great, i cant wait to get this app
  9. Henrymax30

    Scam projects killing crypto?

    Anybody can create a token these days and call it anything, and then make a lot of money via ICO, extorting gullible folks
  10. Henrymax30

    Scam projects killing crypto?

    I have said it before, regulation is very important.. Crypto could be regulated in some way to curb fraudulent practices..
  11. Henrymax30

    List of shitcoins?

    Any coin without a clear roadmap and a working product ia a shit coin
  12. Henrymax30

    A. I "A Blessing or Curse"

    Whenever I remember The Terminator Movies starring one of my favorite actors of all time Arnold Schwarzenegger, I can't stop to think if it isn't possible for events of skynet to occur. Do u have negatives thoughts about A. I? What are they
  13. Henrymax30

    Thoughts on Buzzin

    What's your take on buzzin and it's crypto bounty reward system
  14. Henrymax30

    Donald Trump

    If You had the opportunity to be POTUS for 24hrs what would u accomplish?
  15. Henrymax30

    Does a coin's total supply matter

    Both do affect the price, ultimately use case is what's important. A coin with a very good usecase(s) knows no bound in my opinion