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Recent content by cryptosix

  1. cryptosix

    Could Corona virus affect bitcoin price?

    @Nana It crossed already 80k infections as far as I know, but it could kill everything not only Crypto. After summer what will happen again to this coronavirus?
  2. cryptosix

    Opening a Website

    @pemulungrecehan7 Airdrops and bounties became scams, have you ever made any money from them in the past? I had YouTube channel,, but didnot made it to huge. @Alther I think would start Microjobs, that would be excellent for me with low investment. As for forums I need huge investment and this...
  3. cryptosix

    CURATE app update (v0.1) ❤️

    Nice work is progressing, hope you have it soon since hard working people will always moves in positive.
  4. cryptosix

    Award issues that can be obtained?

    The admin is awarding members so he or staff should clear the details and it is not called for demanding. So you should answer the op and tell him the proper answer. I hope the OP will get atleast an answer from you. Could you clarify what metrics we need to get paid.
  5. cryptosix

    What country is suitable for mining bitcoin?

    Most countries have banned Crypto and some kept in holding like India didn't made any regulation not banned. You need space, electricity so for this you have to pay bills.
  6. cryptosix

    Bug's, on a mobile browser.

    This has happened with me too and the adsense is covering most of the page, but you have mentioned it happens in only in one section. From my side the page become too empty box so commenting is very hard and sometimes the CSS is broken when viewing in Desktop. Currently it looks ok, but let the...
  7. cryptosix

    What country is suitable for mining bitcoin?

    At the moment Coronavirus is roaming in the world, so take care of your life instead thinking to plant mining farms in other countries. China has low power tariff, but you can go with solar panels that would helpful for you.
  8. cryptosix

    How much time do you spend in the world of crypto

    I am spending daily 1 to 2 hours on Crypto forums, but now it will increase even more as I have to make good amount for my living. Crypto is becoming great in these days so spending much time will give more significance in developing our knowledge.
  9. cryptosix

    Award issues that can be obtained?

    Hi It's not a demand, but it has to be reply by staff so we can understand how the system works. People here are for making money so they can too arrive if they get proper answers. A forum needs to answer everything and the admin should be active with members in order to achieve his goals. I am...
  10. cryptosix

    Award issues that can be obtained?

    It is only from the registered date, if that could be our 90 days active, then we have to spend years here. I would also want to hear from the staff as they didn't replied about referral contest too in my thread. Please clearly explain us about every awards so we can know how to achieve them.
  11. cryptosix

    What's your favourite movie and why?

    I am not watching any movies from the past 2 to 3 years so there is no favorite movie at all. The one i watched on internet was king kong and that is good for time-pass.
  12. cryptosix

    Posts Deletion

    I thought I have to create two more accounts here and attach to this account.. I forgot the remaining questions which need to be asked here, sorry I will rethink and post it here. In the mean time First it was 300 posts, then it made for 500 posts and now 1500 posts required to get paid 0.01...
  13. cryptosix

    Ethereum price 2020 ( POLL )

    No, the price will reach to that extent in next 2 or 3 months. If you are holding then do it for long time till the end of the year.
  14. cryptosix

    Referral System

    I am still waiting reply from the admin @James so we can proceed in developing this forums. It could be a win win situation for both sides. If we won't get paid, then we must losing our valuable time.
  15. cryptosix

    Ethereum price 2020 ( POLL )

    Even their is no development also the Ether price can move along with Bitcoin bullrun. We all are seeing no the ether price is going ahead and it can reach soon $500.