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Recent content by ckoroctrel

  1. ckoroctrel

    Best cryptocurrency exchange

    I use the Bitforex crypto exchanger, I consider it one of the best crypto exchangers. There is all the necessary functionality for working and trading.
  2. ckoroctrel

    Blockchain and wallet

    What blockchain is your token based on? Which wallet can I store your tokens in?
  3. ckoroctrel


    Would it be possible to try out your app? Can be find mistakes, bugs?
  4. ckoroctrel

    Trading $CUR8 on exchange

    On a stock exchange will launch your token? Is there any suggestion or is it a secret?
  5. ckoroctrel

    XRP or Bitcoin?

    As the author said, bitcoin is more gold, a rarity, and XRP has a lot of functionality. A recent study of crypto enthusiasts showed that on a 5-point scale, bitcoin received 1 point, and XRP received 5 points. I think the choice is obvious.