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How much APY Can I earn from Staking XCUR?

Holding more XCUR in the app will give you several benefits:

  1. More APY on staking
  2. Rights to submit votes or proposals for Silver Tier and above.
  3. Lower commission fee for transactions

There are 6 Tiers in the app: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The following are the XCUR required, depending on each Tier:

Each Tier will have different benefits in APY rewards and Commission Fees For APY Rewards, users can enjoy up to 15% rewards on staking.

There were only 80 NFT Boosters minted and each can dramatically increase your APY % up to 3x. These are utility NFTs that apply a multiplier to your current APY percentage, depending on your Tier.

  • Platinum: 3x Stake boost
  • Gold: 2x Stake Boost
  • Premium: 1.5x Stake Boost

Stake boost NFT will automatically apply to each stake. One Stake Boosting NFT can only be used for one staking round.  

For example, if you have 700,000 XCUR in your in-app wallet and hold a Platinum Stake Boosting Curate Hoodie, you will enjoy 45% APY staking rewards in-app (15% for Diamond Tier, multiplied by 3 for Platinum Stake Boosting NFT).

To view your staking rewards, follow the steps:

  1. Go to wallet
  2. Click “Staking”  (Top, right corner)
  3. Click View Stakes

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