CURɅTE is the world’s first blockchain agnostic gasless physical goods and NFT marketplace that also serves as a gasless multichain bridge between major chains. CURɅTE is built on its own native marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers to exchange physical and digital goods by utilizing a decentralized blockchain network as a means of providing a reward in the form of $XCUR, our native token, to buyers and sellers on all successful sales. Additionally, CURɅTE offers cryptocurrency payments as an optional form of payment outside traditional options such as credit/debit cards and Circle. Spending $XCUR in-app offers zero gas fees, as made possible by CURɅTE’s proprietary private blockchain.

Our platform acts as an all-in-one marketplace app that curates content from inspiring brands and merchants. Engaging in our marketplace is simple, ensuring high-quality and a robust quantity of services offered. We also work to simplify trends, drawing inspiration from around the world and creating a diversity of offerings.


CURɅTE was created to overcome issues within existing blockchain platforms and traditional NFT transactions.


The Problems CURɅTED Solutions
No singular NFT marketplace supports major blockchains and provides wallet capabilities. CURɅTE provides a blockchain agnostic gasless NFT and physical goods marketplace with a built-in wallet.
NFT marketplaces are designed poorly and are difficult to use, hindering mass adoption by average retail users. CURɅTE is a proprietary blockchain built from the ground up in GO and provides the gasless infrastructure for near-instant transaction finality in-app with full financial transparency.
High and unreliable transaction fees poison the ecosystem and raise the barrier of entry. Research by Saxon Advisory found that the average NFT sale is around $11.40, while peak transaction fees can be greater than $200.
No real aggregation of NFTs exists. Current NFT marketplaces are relatively cluttered and disorganized with little to no filtration of poor and low-quality NFTs.
Most NFT marketplaces lack a search function. Currently, NFTs are not labeled deeply in their metadata and are largely uncategorizable and unidentifiable. CURɅTE aggregates NFTs cross-platform and cross-chain by embedding key search functions and properties into the metadata of the NFTs. (i.e., Hard-coded NFTs)
Lack of trust for a central bridge. Slow transaction finality and layer 2 solutions can hinder layer 1 transparency. Seamless and gasless bridging between different blockchains makes CURɅTE blockchain agnostic.
Lack of a Gasless Multichain Diagram.


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