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April, 30
Fixed display of discounts, shipping costs and product prices on the checkout page Fixed a bug with the display of some cards All modals have been redesigned Added animations Minor bug fixes Server optimization
April, 24
Added updating of the page with an item after writing a comment. Now, if you write a comment and go back, it will be immediately displayed on the product page Fixed a bug where if one user ordered the same product for 2 different addresses, the seller was shown the same address in the modal window Now cards on the "Likes" page opens as well as on the main one, with a modal window moving out from the bottom Alerts have been redesigned, now they have a pink color Subscribe & unsubscribe buttons changed to follow & unfollow Minor bug fixes Server optimization
April, 22
Added blur tool: now you can "blur" part of the photo that you want to hide from prying eyes (so far only for the profile) Added photo cropper (for now only for profile) Added filters for photos (so far only for profile) Minor bug fixes
April, 21
Notifications now comes from server (For likes and orders atm) Server optimization Minor bug fixes
April, 20
Fixed a bug where some elements with a stroke had a white border Server optimization Minor bug fixes
April, 19
Fixed a bug where a dividing line was displayed at the very last comment Server optimization Minor bug fixes
April, 18
Fixed a bug in which 2 placeholders were displayed at once in someone else's empty profile Fixed a bug in which the rounding of the background of the item was less than that of the picture Server optimization Minor bug fixes
April, 17
KYC added Added user address in Checkout page list item Server optimization Server bug fixes
April, 16
Notification page added Fixed sending payment method in Checkout page Fixed order list appearance in Profile page Server optimization
April, 15
Fixed avatars in Comments page Fixed headers appearance in Profile page & User page lists Fixed a bug in which a bubble with the number of items was not displayed in someone else's profile, if there is only 1 item Fixed a bug where the "subscribe" button had no icon Server optimization
April, 14
KYC & Notifications preparation Minor bug fixes
April, 13
Corrected pagination on the main page, in the profile (orders / likes / listings) Added update of likes on the main page and in the profile if the like was placed from another window Added photo caching Fixed a bug with updating listings / orders Minor bug fixes
April, 12
Now, if there are no comments, then instead of a placeholder there will be a link to comments (it performs the same function as the icon with comments) Fixed a bug on the checkout page with filling in the address (now after filling in the address is updated immediately, no need to refresh the page) Added manual update of the feed (drag from top to bottom) The bottom margin on the item window has been fixed (it was large) A bubble was added on the page of someone else's profile, showing the number of listings Minor bug fixes
April, 11
Configuring notifications on the server Increased disk space for the RPC, because it has run out Downloading the Ethereum node again Bug fixes
April, 10
Each section now has a unique placeholder Fixed a bug in which the icon for clearing the input field disappeared from the search Server maintenance Bug fixes
April, 9
Server maintenance Bug fixing
April, 8
Wallet preparation (2/3) Bug fixing Server maintenance
April, 7
Wallet preparation (1/3) Preparing comments Fixed a bug where the address was duplicated on the checkout page Fixed typos Fixed a bug with distorted user avatar on some pages Fixed "subscribe / unsubscribe" button "Ads" tab changed to "Listings"
April, 6
Added a test payment method that will always return the status successfully (you need to select PayPal for this) Added order list Added tracking number requirement Bug fixes
April, 5
Added orders section Changed the checkout window, now you first need to specify the payment method, then the cost of payment will be calculated. Added a default profile picture instead of a grey background Fixed a bug in which the status bar was not repainted for the following pages: login / registration, page for choosing interests, page for selecting categories on the main page, listing page, settings page (the page for editing the profile and the checkout page remains) Changed icons "followers" "following" to more convenient and noticeable (in the future it will be possible to click on them and see the list of subscribers) Fixed a bug where the search bar was case sensitive Fixed a bug where the bubble with the number of publications did not scroll and overlapped the content
April, 4
Bug fixing Orders preparation
April, 3
Bug with background on keyboard fixed Added closing of the photo gallery by swiping down Fixed a bug where the border of not all inputs was highlighted in green when clicked Country selection text color is now white instead of placeholder Reassigned tabs in the profile, final tabs: ads, likes, orders, archive Fixed a bug where even 1 photo was scrolled in the carousel Added tab with rewards Added tab with wallet (Full wallet will be integrated soon) The "more" button in the profile has been replaced with a pink one that is more noticeable Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the likes counter
April, 2
Profile editing added Search added Likes added Bug fixing
April, 1
Following added Bug fixing
March, 31
Listing added Registration added Profile added Authorization added Bug fixing