Which Crypto is Best for Beginners?

Cryptocurrency has the world and the world wide web quite entranced nowadays. If you’ve found yourself looking for tips on how to invest in cryptocurrency, you certainly aren’t alone–a survey from November of last year revealed that 16 percent of Americans are investing in cryptocurrency for a variety of reasons, including its accessibility and potential ROI. And those things are only a few of the benefits of investing in crypto in comparison to traditional forms of investing. But as a first-time cryptocurrency investor, you should recognize that “crypto for beginners” is a bit of an oxymoron–to invest smartly and safely, you should first do some reading to know the basics. Check out our recent blog on need-to-know definitions for investing in cryptocurrency. With that terminology under your belt–or in your brain–you might be wondering: what is the best crypto for beginners? [...]

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Introducing ‘The X-Chain’ — Curate’s own blockchain

Key Highlights: ✅ XC-20 token standard on The X-Chain ✅ Contract language: solidity and lua ✅ Zero gas fees for $XCUR (XC-20) ✅ Curate’s private blockchain ✅ Near instant transactions ✅ Cross-chain compatible ✅ Seamless in-app UX ✅ Hybrid Consensus ✅ 20,000 TPS ✅ Live in June Simultaneously launching along side and in-built The NFT Marketplace App in June 2021 XCUR (XC-20) “To provide a scalable gasless marketplace, PoW will not cut it.” — James Hakim, Founder & CEO of Curate Group Ltd. The security of a PoW network depends on the collective hash power of the network. A group of malicious entities could easily attack a small network and change the blockchain, while still playing by the rules of its protocol. This malicious group would just need a higher hash power. Unlike bitcoin, a small network is not massively distributed, [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

Creating, purchasing, or investing in cryptocurrency can seem cryptic at first glance. It requires you to learn a new language, new platforms, and new methods of investment and transactions to get started–and hopefully, be successful. But doing so is also exciting – cryptocurrency is a fast-growing financial landscape and is evolving daily. Investopedia estimates that as of November of 2021, there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in existence. That said, before you jump to input your financial info, make sure you do your research–not all cryptocurrencies or blockchains are created equally. First, it's important to know a few essential definitions. Cryptocurrency is a digital, encrypted form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods or services. Some companies have their own cryptocurrencies, often called tokens, and can be traded specifically for the goods or services that the companies sell. It [...]

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Crypto Terms to Know Before Investing

Investing in cryptocurrency can be as exciting as it is confusing. Doing so requires learning a new language full of acronyms and terminology that might be shocking to the untrained eye. Here are 20 terms you should familiarize yourself with before investing in Cryptocurrency. What is crypto? Cryptocurrency: A type of digital currency that’s decentralized and digital. Cryptocurrency can be bought, sold, used as currency, or stored as an investment. Decentralization: The concept of distributing power away from a central point and an aspect of cryptocurrency. Decentralized Finance (Defi): Financial activities conducted without an intermediary (bank, government, or other financial institution). Coin: A representative store of digital value that lives on a blockchain or cryptocurrency network (exchange). Blockchain: According to NextAdvisor, “a blockchain is a digital form of record-keeping and the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies. A blockchain is the result of [...]

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