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CURATE is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp) i.e 'blockchain smart contract enabled' platform, which rewards you with digital tokens in the form of BTC, ETH and our own CUR8 tokens in return for users curating fashion styles.

Fashion brands and retailers have partnered up with Curate to showoff their latest styles, raise brand awareness and increase their online sales.

In return, Curate provides a trustless platform allowing users to feedback a curated collection of fashion styles for the community to discover.

To put simply, Fashion brands partner up with Curate and we pass on the rewards to the curators and discoverer's.

We are: Decentralised. Web 3.0. Open Source.

How it works

  • erc20
    CURATE is based on the ethereum blockchain utilizing the ERC—20 token system in the form of our utlity token, the CUR8 token.
  • cloud-server
    The CURATE platform being a DApp means it's decentralised and distributed system of service is run and hosted by numerous systems around the globe.
  • lock
    All data in our platform is secured by cryptography. We are decentralised, open source and web 3.0.
  • upload
    Content user (i.e brand or fashionista) uploads fashion content to Curate
  • like
    'Curator' community engages and upvotes fashion content
  • fire
    Content gains popularity allowing 'discoverer' community to discover content
  • poker-piece
    Curate rewards both original content user, curator and discover users with BTC, ETH and CUR8 tokens
  • review
    CUR8 token holders can use the tokens to redeem discount codes, promo offers and more on Curate

CUR8 Use Cases

CUR8 tokens serve as a multi-use utility token offering users a wide number of use cases on both the Curate DApp and outside the Curate ecosystem.

usecase1 Purchase items on the Curate platform using CUR8 tokens
usecase2 Unlock special discounts on items such as 10% off coupons
usecase3 Redeem free shipping when shopping on the platform
usecase4 Upgrade account to Curate Pro to unlock more features
usecase5 Social karma tipping for retailers to offer bounties to users for reviews or perform certain activities i.e like their content
usecase6 Use as a monetary currency for payments outside of the Curate ecosystem with our partners.
usecase7 Plus many more to be added as we go live!

Curate Demo Preview



  • roadmap-done Concept created by founder, James Hakim
  • roadmap-done White paper first draft created
  • roadmap-done Busines plan first draft completed


  • roadmap-done Curate team members recruited
  • roadmap-done Website and social media/telegram group created
  • roadmap-done Demo preview of platform designed


  • roadmap-done PRE-IEO seed round complete
  • roadmap-done 10,000+ telegram members active
  • roadmap-done Approved for 1st IEO listing on P2PB2B.io


  • roadmap-done IEO phase 1 starts on P2PB2B.io
  • roadmap-done Development officially starts on Curate platform
  • roadmap-done 100,000 registered users and followers across all channels
  • roadmap-done IEO phase 2 starts on ShortEx.net


  • roadmap-done Private-alpha launch of Curate platform open to telegram members


  • roadmap-done IEO phase 2 starts on KuCoin.com
  • roadmap-done Public-beta version launched available globally
  • roadmap-done Curate surpases 250,000 active users across the platform and app
  • roadmap-done 250+ retailers/brands partnered with Curate


James Hakim
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Bret Faller
Blockchain Engineer
Alexey Ivanov
Chief Design Officer
Jonathan Davies
Head of Innovation


Joe Adams
Senior Administrator
Laurianna Blackwell
Amrit Mirchandani
Marketing Advisor
Amal Prasad
Chief Sales Officer and HR
Aleksandar Vujic
Chief Community Manager
Andrei Calina
Content Manager
Boulevard A.
Certified Blockchain Lawyer
Emmanuel Adams
Head of Public Relations
Bojan Lacic
Social Media Manager
Dimitrije Cevizovic
Social and Digital Manager
Carrim Ganey
Operations Manager
Aslam Kalla
Chief Business Officer
Pranav Arya
Chief Marketing Officer

Retail Applicants

Exchange Partners


" Curate is now confirmed to be listed on P2PB2B trading platform. P2PB2B is one of the top 20 exchanges in the world with a daily trading volume of $418 million - a real powerhouse. "

James Hakim
CEO Curate

Token distribution

  • 25%
    IEO Phase 1
  • 20%
    IEO Phase 2
  • 15%
    IEO Phase 3
  • 30%
  • 3%
  • 3%
  • 4%
    Community events

Funds allocation

  • 40%
  • 20%
  • 10%
  • 20%
    General & Admin expenses
  • 10%
    Banking & Reserve
Revenue Model

Revenue Model

  • 1
    Curate, the original fashion discovery platform, will steadily grow the value of the platform and $CUR8 tokens by increasing demand and use cases by adding new participating retailers, extending niches outside fashion retail via 'Curate +' and by providing enough liquidity.
  • 2
    Curate Pro membership for retailers, initial fee $149/year offering retailers enhanced membership including featured listings, verified badge status, more engagement activities such as rewarding users directly with CUR8 tokens. Free to those who opt-in for the affiliate programme i.e amazon associates affiliate, earning curate up to 10% on sales.
  • 3
    Curate Ads, our in-built native advertising platform offered to advertisers and agencies, allows custom targeting and ad placements to our users who have opted-in yielding a high ROI and RPM.
  • 4
    Curate +, our native browser extension allows users to earn free BTC and CUR8 as cashback when they shop online through a commission deal. Using our existing partnerships from the curate platform, the Curate + extension extends to all niches outside fashion increasing market adoption of Curate and $CUR8 tokens.
  • 5
    $CUR8 tokens offered for sale on the platform, which can be used to redeem coupons, get free shipping and get cash back at participating retailers on the platform, as well as level up user accounts for more features.
Retailer benefits

Retailer benefits

  • 1
    Raised brand awareness
  • 2
    Increased traffic to merchant sites and goal conversions
  • 3
    Clothing ranges and seasonal wears listed on the largest open/transparent platform leveraging blockchain technology.
  • 4
    Access to 50,000 users upon launch for curated feedback on their fashion range.
  • 5
    On-site analytics and tracking pixel leading to increased sales through optimization.
  • 6
    Prevent fraud transactions and chargebacks as users will be verified via KYC to ensure authenticity.
  • 7
    Zero commission will be taken from Curate for all successful leads giving retailers bigger profits and customers better prices.
  • 8
    QR barcodes supplied to all partnered clothing brands to verify authenticity throughout the supply chain preventing fake merchandise.