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  1. Mjay

    Uptrennd Egg Hunt Competition

    Uptrennd Egg Hunt Competition #uptrennd #easter #1UP #easteregghunt #giveaway https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/1up-competition-uptrennd-update~MjY5NjE3
  2. Mjay

    Earn 1up tokens for posting contents

    Yes it is a very good way of earning tokens for posting almost anything in the website. Each upvote gives you 1up tokens
  3. Mjay

    Earn 1up tokens for posting contents

    https://www.uptrennd.com/signup/NTM3Mw Join Uptrennd now and start earning for posting sport news,memes, jokes ,movies etc for each upvotes. Level up as low as 200 1up or upgrade to earn more . 1up already trading at altilly, idex and p2pb2b exchanges. Stop wasting data for scam Airdrops and...
  4. Mjay

    any new airdrop . post it here

    https://www.uptrennd.com/signup/NTM3Mw My first withdrawal guys ,join Uptrennd now and start earning for posting sport news,memes, jokes ,movies etc for upvotes
  5. Mjay

    iOWN Airdrop

    Don't waste ur time ,it's scam,they are not having any Airdrop
  6. Mjay

    An Online Base Project That Pays You

    An online based project / platform requires the services of hardworking and diligent candidates to fill the position of an Uptrenndian. Uptrennd is a new-era social media platform built on freedom of speech, security of data, and the distribution of wealth. Uptrennd aims to bring blogs, social...
  7. Mjay

    Do Your Own Research

    Btc is a safe investment ,not only because it's the king of crypto but it seems nearly impossible for it to fail, yes any investment u want to do now ,u should make sure u do ur own research
  8. Mjay


    Wow awesome updates ,can't wait to use the curate app. This is massive
  9. Mjay

    What country is suitable for mining bitcoin?

    Well I think any country mining isn't illegal and also have cheap electricity
  10. Mjay

    Bitcoin is scam

    U seem to misread this ,btc is not scam though people still don't trust it ,and yes u can invest in btc but also u should on eth.
  11. Mjay

    Experty Airdrop Puzzle

    https://www.desiairdrops.com/experty-airdrop-round2 Link to join the Airdrop Experty Airdrop round2 is 50,000 EXY tokens worth of $850 to their community members. Sign up at newsletter and verify your email id. Complete all the tasks and submit your details in the airdrop form to receive 50,000...
  12. Mjay

    what's your favorite game?

    Most favorite games are sport games ,those games I can't get tired of ...FIFA, WWE2K19, RACING GAMES
  13. Mjay

    Experty Airdrop Puzzle

    Coins found are Eos, tron, tether, iota, It's an Airdrop u guys can join or help me in recognizing coins u guys can see in the picture
  14. Mjay

    Bitcoin is scam

    I think with the future of btc,I won't even call it a gamble
  15. Mjay

    Bitcoin is scam

    Yes ,best time to act is right now or leave to regret later
  16. Mjay


    Welcome to the forum ,nice to meet you all ,from Nigeria here
  17. Mjay

    Say Bulls Have Given Up

    So many new things happening with btc ,Some even think the halving won't have as much effect as the others
  18. Mjay

    Why is Bitcoin considered gambling?

    I think because if it'd high valatility ,but I don't see any reason to say btc is gambling
  19. Mjay

    MYTHIC token review

    I joined the Airdrop and I believe they did a swap recently,though I can't say more on it
  20. Mjay

    Bitcoin is scam

    🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Bitcoin price: $3K: Scam $4K: Scam $5K: Scam $6K: Scam $7K: Meh $8K: Meh $9K: Meh $10K: Meh $11K: Meh $12K: “Moving” $13K: Hm $14K: Hm $15K: Hm $16K: Maybe $17K: Maybe $18K: Wow $19K: WOW $20K: Google: “How to buy Bitcoin” Market psychology is just that simple and weird.