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  1. blockhunter


    Hello Welcome to this forum. Ihope you will follow all the rules of this forum & forum will also reward you with something great.
  2. blockhunter

    Got my Fist Payment

    Yes a lot congratulations to you from heart on getting your first payment. You must also motivate the community & guide them as you're one of the most senior members in the forum.
  3. blockhunter

    (Ask = Payment) How to Calculate Actually

    yes you are right. I also message admin 4 days ago about difference between message & post on forum & still don't get any response. The admin must be an active person in order to make this forum successful.
  4. blockhunter

    Which Blockchain is better??

    Hello today I am just going to hold a poll for voting to know that which blockchain as better protocol to Implement smart contracts for use in Daily life to solve problems. Please share your opinion.
  5. blockhunter

    CMC and Coingecko

    Yes both are good platforms but there are some differences. CMC claims to b like binnce in this field that ensures quality however coingecko is still emerging so they list some ryptos with low trust score.
  6. blockhunter

    Investment or Trading ?

    Yes you said right. We must do some smart research before entering to any if these ecosystems & its a great thing for everyone if they have some prior knowledge about what they are planning to do in future.
  7. blockhunter

    CURATE Partnership Programme

    Yes you are rewarding your vendors with great rewards as mentioned but there are something's to be considered. You must also give chance to promising brand new projects & set a goal for them. This may help you grow rapidly.
  8. blockhunter

    Trust Wallet Airdrop

    Yes I have used the wallet for two times yet & its amazing & super secure. It provides 100% uptime with no security issue. Its most security wallet I used ever.